OGRE  1.12.9
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::BoxEmitterFactory Class Reference

Factory class for particle emitter of type "Box". More...

#include <OgreBoxEmitterFactory.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Ogre::BoxEmitterFactory:

Public Member Functions

ParticleEmittercreateEmitter (ParticleSystem *psys)
 See ParticleEmitterFactory. More...
String getName () const
 See ParticleEmitterFactory. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::ParticleEmitterFactory
 ParticleEmitterFactory ()
virtual ~ParticleEmitterFactory ()
virtual void destroyEmitter (ParticleEmitter *e)
 Destroys the emitter pointed to by the parameter (for early clean up if required). More...

Detailed Description

Factory class for particle emitter of type "Box".

Creates instances of BoxEmitter to be used in particle systems.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getName()

String Ogre::BoxEmitterFactory::getName ( ) const

◆ createEmitter()

ParticleEmitter* Ogre::BoxEmitterFactory::createEmitter ( ParticleSystem psys)

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