OGRE-Next  2.3
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine

Install cmake

If you do not already have cmake, install it with brew or whatever your favorite way is:

brew install cmake

Automatic download & build scripts

We provide easy-to-use scripts that will download and setup all dependencies for you in a self-contained folder Download build_ogre_scripts for the branch you need from:


Install dependencies

Clone dependencies from ogre-next-deps and build the ALL target and then the INSTALL target:

git clone --recurse-submodules --shallow-submodules https://github.com/OGRECave/ogre-next-deps
cd ogre-next-deps
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../ -G Xcode
cmake --build . --target ALL --config Debug
cmake --build . --target install --config Debug
cmake --build . --target ALL --config Release
cmake --build . --target install --config Release

This will generate Dependencies under ogre-next-deps/build/ogrenext. You will have to copy (or symlink) that folder into the OgreRepo and rename it to dependencies so that they the folder ogre-next-deps/build/ogrenext is now OgreSrcRepo/Dependencies

Install SDL2 using brew

SDL2 is not built by ogre-next-deps in macOS, use brew instead:

brew install sdl2

Build Ogre

Note: XCode generator is supported

Note 2: Unless STATIC libs setting is used, XCode project dependencies are not properly setup thus e.g. if you try to build a sample, it won't compile RenderSystem_Metal which is needed (and possibly other components). Make sure to first build "ALL" target to build everything before trying the samples

Make sure you have set the current working directory to ogre's source directory:

cd ogre

At the time of writing this guide, a build error will occurr for the SampleMorphAnimations target (unless one is building .frameworks which this guide won't). So remove the following line line or comment it out, in Samples/2.0/CMakeLists.txt:130 that says:


Then configure the options to compose your flavor of what you want to build by setting ogre and cmake variables. Examples of variables that this guide configures:

Varible What this guide will use it for
OGRE_BUILD_RENDERSYSTEM_GL3PLUS Opt-out from OpenGL (Metal is already set to be built by default)
OGRE_BUILD_LIBS_AS_FRAMEWORKS Build .dylib/.a files instead of .framework
OGRE_PLUGIN_LIB_PREFIX Make sure the RenderSystem.dylib is named libRenderSystem.dylib to conform to *NIX standard
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX Directory in which CMake should copy the final SDK files. A lib/ /bin and so on will be automatically created inside here
CMAKE_INSTALL_NAME_DIR Directory of where the installed target file is located, i.e. should be $CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib. This will be imprinted in the target file itself, and can be verfied after install by e.g. otool -L $CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/OgreMain.dylib
CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD Compile with c++11 support
CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS Set explicit include directory. (C)Make seems to ignore this system directory otherwise.

You can list all your available build options and adjust for your needs:

cmake -LA -N

Configure the above variables ($PWD will be replaced with the current working directory)

-D CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-I/usr/local/include -F/Library/Frameworks" \

Generate a Makefile

cmake .

Now, build ogre:

make -j2 install

The -j2 tells make how many jobs will run concurrently. E.g. if you have 4 cores, use 4 instead of 2.

If everything went well, you should have an sdk located in the $PWD/sdk directory.

Open and edit $PWD/sdk/plugins_tools_d.cfg and $PWD/sdk/plugins_tools.cfg and the value of PluginFolder to $PWD/sdk/liband prefix all thePluginvalues withlib(because we set the$OGRE_PLUGIN_LIB_PREFIX` when building)

Build offline version of the docs

From the same working directory run:

brew install doxygen
brew install Graphviz

and then run the following in the directory where the html.cfg file is located:

doxygen html.cfg

Doc files should now be located at sdk/Docs/api/index.html or whatever the OUTPUT_DIRECTORY is set to in /html.cfg.