OGRE  2.3
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine

Install cmake

If you do not already have cmake, install it with brew or whatever your favorite way is:

brew install cmake

Install dependencies

Ogre have some dependencies (depending on which components you choose to build). You can find them at https://bitbucket.org/cabalistic/ogredeps/src/default/src/. This guide won't escribe in detail on how to install them, but the author recommends using brew to install them, e.g.

brew install libzzip
brew install freetype
brew install rapidjson
# [...more if needed...]

and cmake should be able to find them automatically.

Build Ogre

Make sure you have set the current working directory to ogre's source directory:

cd ogre

At the time of writing this guide, a build error will occurr for the SampleMorphAnimations target (unless one is building .frameworks which this guide won't). So remove the following line line or comment it out, in Samples/2.0/CMakeLists.txt:130 that says:


Then configure the options to compose your flavor of what you want to build by setting ogre and cmake variables. Examples of variables that this guide configures:

Varible What this guide will use it for
OGRE_BUILD_RENDERSYSTEM_GL3PLUS Opt-out from OpenGL (Metal is already set to be built by default)
OGRE_BUILD_LIBS_AS_FRAMEWORKS Build .dylib/.a files instead of .framework
OGRE_PLUGIN_LIB_PREFIX Make sure the RenderSystem.dylib is named libRenderSystem.dylib to conform to *NIX standard
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX Directory in which CMake should copy the final SDK files. A lib/ /bin and so on will be automatically created inside here
CMAKE_INSTALL_NAME_DIR Directory of where the installed target file is located, i.e. should be $CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib. This will be imprinted in the target file itself, and can be verfied after install by e.g. otool -L $CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX/lib/OgreMain.dylib
CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD Compile with c++11 support
CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS Set explicit include directory. (C)Make seems to ignore this system directory otherwise.

You can list all your available build options and adjust for your needs:

cmake -LA -N

Configure the above variables ($PWD will be replaced with the current working directory)

-D CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-I/usr/local/include -F/Library/Frameworks" \

Generate a Makefile

cmake .

Now, build ogre:

make -j2 install

The -j2 tells make how many jobs will run concurrently. E.g. if you have 4 cores, use 4 instead of 2.

If everything went well, you should have an sdk located in the $PWD/sdk directory.

Open and edit $PWD/sdk/plugins_tools_d.cfg and $PWD/sdk/plugins_tools.cfg and the value of PluginFolder to $PWD/sdk/liband prefix all thePluginvalues withlib(because we set the$OGRE_PLUGIN_LIB_PREFIX` when building)

Build offline version of the docs

From the same working directory run:

brew install doxygen
brew install Graphviz

and then run the following in the directory where the html.cfg file is located:

doxygen html.cfg

Doc files should now be located at sdk/Docs/api/index.html or whatever the OUTPUT_DIRECTORY is set to in /html.cfg.