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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::v1::GLES2RenderBuffer Class Reference

Renderbuffer surface. More...

#include <OgreGLES2HardwarePixelBuffer.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GLES2RenderBuffer (GLenum format, uint32 width, uint32 height, GLsizei numSamples)
virtual ~GLES2RenderBuffer ()
virtual void bindToFramebuffer (GLenum attachment, uint32 zoffset)
 Bind surface to frame buffer. More...
void blitFromMemory (const PixelBox &src, const Box &dstBox)
void blitToMemory (const Box &srcBox, const PixelBox &dst)
GLenum getGLFormat ()

Detailed Description

Renderbuffer surface.

Needs FBO extension.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GLES2RenderBuffer()

Ogre::v1::GLES2RenderBuffer::GLES2RenderBuffer ( GLenum  format,
uint32  width,
uint32  height,
GLsizei  numSamples 

◆ ~GLES2RenderBuffer()

virtual Ogre::v1::GLES2RenderBuffer::~GLES2RenderBuffer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ bindToFramebuffer()

virtual void Ogre::v1::GLES2RenderBuffer::bindToFramebuffer ( GLenum  attachment,
uint32  zoffset 

Bind surface to frame buffer.

Needs FBO extension.

Reimplemented from Ogre::v1::GLES2HardwarePixelBuffer.

◆ blitFromMemory()

void Ogre::v1::GLES2HardwarePixelBuffer::blitFromMemory ( const PixelBox &  src,
const Box dstBox 

◆ blitToMemory()

void Ogre::v1::GLES2HardwarePixelBuffer::blitToMemory ( const Box srcBox,
const PixelBox &  dst 

◆ getGLFormat()

GLenum Ogre::v1::GLES2HardwarePixelBuffer::getGLFormat ( )

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