OGRE-Next  3.0.0unstable
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
What's new in Ogre-Next 3.0

Ogre to OgreNext name migration

We're trying to make OgreNext and Ogre able to be installed side-by-side.

This is particularly important in Linux systems which rely on shared, centralized packages managed by package managers.

However this also benefits affect Windows apps that are able to select between Ogre and OgreNext at runtime.

One of the main issues is that DLLs are the same. i.e. OgreMain.dll or libOgreMain.so may refer to either Ogre or OgreNext.

That's why we added the CMake option OGRE_USE_NEW_PROJECT_NAME

When enabled, the project names will be OgreNext instead of Ogre. e.g. the following projects are affected (enunciative):

Old Name New Name
OgreMain.dll OgreMain.dll
OgreHlmsPbs.dll OgreNextHlmsPbs.dll
OgreHlmsUnlit.dll OgreNextHlmsUnlit.dll
OgreMeshLodGenerator.dll OgreNextMeshLodGenerator.dll
OgreOverlay.dll OgreNextOverlay.dll
OgreSceneFormat.dll OgreNextSceneFormat.dll
libOgreMain.so libOgreMain.so
libOgreHlmsPbs.so libOgreNextHlmsPbs.so
libOgreHlmsUnlit.so libOgreNextHlmsUnlit.so
libOgreMeshLodGenerator.so libOgreNextMeshLodGenerator.so
libOgreOverlay.so libOgreNextOverlay.so
libOgreSceneFormat.so libOgreNextSceneFormat.so

We understand this change can wreak havoc on our users who have scripts expecting to find OgreMain instead of OgreNextMain.

Which is why this option will be off by default in OgreNext 3.0; but will be turned on by default in OgreNext 4.0

The CMake option is scheduled for removal in OgreNext 5.0

EmptyProject's and Android's scripts have been updated to autodetect which name is being used and select between Ogre and OgreNext and CMake config time.

Make sure to upgrade to latest CMake scripts if you're using them; to be ready for all changes.

PBS Changes in 3.0

Default material BRDF settings have changed in 3.0; thus materials will look different.

See PBR / PBS Changes in 3.0 to how make them look like they did in 2.3 and what these changes mean.

Move to C++11 and general cleanup

Lots of dead & long-deprecated code was removed. See Resolving Merge Conflicts in Ogre-Next 3.0 for more help with C++11 changes.

  • Remove D3D9
  • Remove Terrain
  • Remove RTShaderSystem
  • Remove NaCL
  • Remove dead SceneManagers
  • Remove ( void ) from empty functions
  • Remove StaticGeometry
  • Remove files under Deprecated/ folders
  • Move to C++11
    • Remove code under __cplusplus that uses < 201103L >= 201103L or numbers below 201103L
  • Math::Log2 should use log2
  • All virtuals must have overload keyword
  • Remove HardwareUniformBuffer, HardwareCounterBuffer
  • Fix many warnings.
  • Clean up Media folder and remove unused stuff from Ogre samples.
  • Add ASAN CMake option.
  • Add cmake option to embed debug level into OgreBuildSettings.
    • Bakes OGRE_DEBUG_MODE into OgreBuildSettings.h; which is on by default on Ninja/GNU Make generators and disabled for the rest.
  • Pass cookie to Ogre Root initialization to catch obvious ABI errors. Each library could call checkAbiCookie on initialization to avoid problems
  • Default to clang's ld linker on Linux, i.e. set( CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS "-fuse-ld=lld" )
  • Remove OgreShadowVolumeExtrudeProgram.cpp
  • Deprecate SceneManager::setFog
  • Remove getShadowCasterVertex
  • Remove memory allocator stuff (see Ogre 1.x)
  • Remove nedmalloc
  • Typedef SharedPtr to std::shared_ptr (see Ogre 1.x)