OGRE  1.10.12
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::GLCopyingRTTManager Class Reference

Simple, copying manager/factory for RenderTextures. More...

#include <OgreGLCopyingRenderTexture.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Ogre::GLCopyingRTTManager:

Public Member Functions

void bind (RenderTarget *target)
 Bind a certain render target. More...
bool checkFormat (PixelFormat format)
virtual MultiRenderTargetcreateMultiRenderTarget (const String &name)
 Create a multi render target. More...
RenderTexturecreateRenderTexture (const String &name, const GLSurfaceDesc &target, bool writeGamma, uint fsaa)
 Create a texture rendertarget object. More...
virtual void getBestDepthStencil (PixelFormat internalFormat, uint32 *depthFormat, uint32 *stencilFormat)
PixelFormat getSupportedAlternative (PixelFormat format)
 Get the closest supported alternative format. More...
void releaseRenderBuffer (const GLSurfaceDesc &surface)
 Release a render buffer. More...
void unbind (RenderTarget *target)
 Unbind a certain render target. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static GLRTTManagergetSingleton (void)
 Get the singleton instance. More...
static GLRTTManagergetSingletonPtr (void)
 Get the singleton instance. More...

Detailed Description

Simple, copying manager/factory for RenderTextures.

This is only used as the last fallback if both PBuffers and FBOs aren't supported.

Member Function Documentation

◆ createRenderTexture()

RenderTexture* Ogre::GLCopyingRTTManager::createRenderTexture ( const String name,
const GLSurfaceDesc target,
bool  writeGamma,
uint  fsaa 

Create a texture rendertarget object.

Implements Ogre::GLRTTManager.

◆ checkFormat()

bool Ogre::GLCopyingRTTManager::checkFormat ( PixelFormat  format)

◆ bind()

void Ogre::GLCopyingRTTManager::bind ( RenderTarget target)

Bind a certain render target.

Implements Ogre::GLRTTManager.

◆ unbind()

void Ogre::GLCopyingRTTManager::unbind ( RenderTarget target)

Unbind a certain render target.

This is called before binding another RenderTarget, and before the context is switched. It can be used to do a copy, or just be a noop if direct binding is used.

Implements Ogre::GLRTTManager.

◆ releaseRenderBuffer()

void Ogre::GLRTTManager::releaseRenderBuffer ( const GLSurfaceDesc surface)

Release a render buffer.

Ignore silently if surface.buffer is 0.

◆ getBestDepthStencil()

virtual void Ogre::GLRTTManager::getBestDepthStencil ( PixelFormat  internalFormat,
uint32 depthFormat,
uint32 stencilFormat 

Reimplemented in Ogre::GLES2FBOManager.

◆ createMultiRenderTarget()

virtual MultiRenderTarget* Ogre::GLRTTManager::createMultiRenderTarget ( const String name)

Create a multi render target.

Reimplemented in Ogre::GLES2FBOManager, Ogre::GLFBOManager, and Ogre::GL3PlusFBOManager.

◆ getSupportedAlternative()

PixelFormat Ogre::GLRTTManager::getSupportedAlternative ( PixelFormat  format)

Get the closest supported alternative format.

If format is supported, returns format.

◆ getSingleton()

static GLRTTManager& Ogre::GLRTTManager::getSingleton ( void  )

Get the singleton instance.

◆ getSingletonPtr()

static GLRTTManager* Ogre::GLRTTManager::getSingletonPtr ( void  )

Get the singleton instance.

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