OGRE  1.12.4
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::D3D9StereoDriverBridge Class Reference

Bridge interface from the render system to the stereo driver. More...

#include <OgreD3D9StereoDriverBridge.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Ogre::D3D9StereoDriverBridge:

Public Member Functions

 D3D9StereoDriverBridge (StereoModeType stereoMode)
virtual ~D3D9StereoDriverBridge ()
bool addRenderWindow (D3D9RenderWindow *renderWindow) const
StereoModeType getStereoMode () const
bool isStereoEnabled (const String &renderWindowName) const
bool removeRenderWindow (const String &renderWindowName) const
bool setDrawBuffer (const ColourBufferType colourBuffer) const

Static Public Member Functions

static D3D9StereoDriverBridgegetSingleton (void)
static D3D9StereoDriverBridgegetSingletonPtr (void)

Detailed Description

Bridge interface from the render system to the stereo driver.

Loads the correct driver and forwards the methods to the stereo driver implementation.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ D3D9StereoDriverBridge()

Ogre::D3D9StereoDriverBridge::D3D9StereoDriverBridge ( StereoModeType  stereoMode)

◆ ~D3D9StereoDriverBridge()

virtual Ogre::D3D9StereoDriverBridge::~D3D9StereoDriverBridge ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getSingleton()

static D3D9StereoDriverBridge& Ogre::D3D9StereoDriverBridge::getSingleton ( void  )

◆ getSingletonPtr()

static D3D9StereoDriverBridge* Ogre::D3D9StereoDriverBridge::getSingletonPtr ( void  )

◆ getStereoMode()

StereoModeType Ogre::D3D9StereoDriverBridge::getStereoMode ( ) const

◆ addRenderWindow()

bool Ogre::D3D9StereoDriverBridge::addRenderWindow ( D3D9RenderWindow renderWindow) const

◆ removeRenderWindow()

bool Ogre::D3D9StereoDriverBridge::removeRenderWindow ( const String renderWindowName) const

◆ isStereoEnabled()

bool Ogre::D3D9StereoDriverBridge::isStereoEnabled ( const String renderWindowName) const

◆ setDrawBuffer()

bool Ogre::D3D9StereoDriverBridge::setDrawBuffer ( const ColourBufferType  colourBuffer) const

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