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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer Class Reference

#include <OgreD3D9HardwarePixelBuffer.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer:

Public Member Functions

 D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer (HardwareBuffer::Usage usage, D3D9Texture *ownerTexture)
 ~D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer ()
virtual void _clearSliceRTT (size_t zoffset)
 Notify TextureBuffer of destruction of render target. More...
void _genMipmaps (IDirect3DBaseTexture9 *mipTex)
 Internal function to update mipmaps on update of level 0. More...
void _setMipmapping (bool doMipmapGen, bool HWMipmaps)
 Function to set mipmap generation. More...
void bind (IDirect3DDevice9 *dev, IDirect3DSurface9 *mSurface, IDirect3DSurface9 *fsaaSurface, bool writeGamma, uint fsaa, const String &srcName, IDirect3DBaseTexture9 *mipTex)
 Call this to associate a D3D surface or volume with this pixel buffer. More...
void bind (IDirect3DDevice9 *dev, IDirect3DVolume9 *mVolume, IDirect3DBaseTexture9 *mipTex)
void blit (const HardwarePixelBufferSharedPtr &src, const Box &srcBox, const Box &dstBox)
void blitFromMemory (const PixelBox &src, const Box &dstBox)
void blitToMemory (const Box &srcBox, const PixelBox &dst)
void destroyBufferResources (IDirect3DDevice9 *d3d9Device)
 Destroy resources associated with the given device. More...
IDirect3DSurface9 * getFSAASurface (IDirect3DDevice9 *d3d9Device)
 Accessor for AA surface. More...
RenderTexture * getRenderTarget (size_t zoffset)
 Get rendertarget for z slice. More...
IDirect3DSurface9 * getSurface (IDirect3DDevice9 *d3d9Device)
 Accessor for surface. More...
void releaseSurfaces (IDirect3DDevice9 *d3d9Device)
 Release surfaces held by this pixel buffer. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void lockDeviceAccess ()
static void unlockDeviceAccess ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer()

Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer ( HardwareBuffer::Usage  usage,
D3D9Texture ownerTexture 

◆ ~D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer()

Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::~D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ _clearSliceRTT()

virtual void Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::_clearSliceRTT ( size_t  zoffset)

Notify TextureBuffer of destruction of render target.

◆ _genMipmaps()

void Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::_genMipmaps ( IDirect3DBaseTexture9 *  mipTex)

Internal function to update mipmaps on update of level 0.

◆ _setMipmapping()

void Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::_setMipmapping ( bool  doMipmapGen,
bool  HWMipmaps 

Function to set mipmap generation.

◆ bind() [1/2]

void Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::bind ( IDirect3DDevice9 *  dev,
IDirect3DSurface9 *  mSurface,
IDirect3DSurface9 *  fsaaSurface,
bool  writeGamma,
uint  fsaa,
const String srcName,
IDirect3DBaseTexture9 *  mipTex 

Call this to associate a D3D surface or volume with this pixel buffer.

◆ bind() [2/2]

void Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::bind ( IDirect3DDevice9 *  dev,
IDirect3DVolume9 *  mVolume,
IDirect3DBaseTexture9 *  mipTex 

◆ blit()

void Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::blit ( const HardwarePixelBufferSharedPtr &  src,
const Box srcBox,
const Box dstBox 

◆ blitFromMemory()

void Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::blitFromMemory ( const PixelBox &  src,
const Box dstBox 

◆ blitToMemory()

void Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::blitToMemory ( const Box srcBox,
const PixelBox &  dst 

◆ destroyBufferResources()

void Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::destroyBufferResources ( IDirect3DDevice9 *  d3d9Device)

Destroy resources associated with the given device.

◆ getFSAASurface()

IDirect3DSurface9* Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::getFSAASurface ( IDirect3DDevice9 *  d3d9Device)

Accessor for AA surface.

◆ getRenderTarget()

RenderTexture* Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::getRenderTarget ( size_t  zoffset)

Get rendertarget for z slice.

◆ getSurface()

IDirect3DSurface9* Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::getSurface ( IDirect3DDevice9 *  d3d9Device)

Accessor for surface.

◆ lockDeviceAccess()

static void Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::lockDeviceAccess ( )

◆ releaseSurfaces()

void Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::releaseSurfaces ( IDirect3DDevice9 *  d3d9Device)

Release surfaces held by this pixel buffer.

◆ unlockDeviceAccess()

static void Ogre::D3D9HardwarePixelBuffer::unlockDeviceAccess ( )

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