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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::EGLSupport Class Referenceabstract

#include <OgreEGLSupport.h>

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Public Member Functions

 EGLSupport ()
virtual ~EGLSupport ()
void addConfig ()
 Add any special config values to the system. More...
virtual bool checkExtension (const String &ext) const
 Check if an extension is available. More...
EGLConfig * chooseGLConfig (const EGLint *attribList, EGLint *nElements)
::EGLContext createNewContext (EGLDisplay eglDisplay, ::EGLConfig glconfig, ::EGLContext shareList) const
RenderWindow * createWindow (bool autoCreateWindow, GLES2RenderSystem *renderSystem, const String &windowTitle)
virtual ConfigOptionMapgetConfigOptions ()
EGLConfig * getConfigs (EGLint *nElements)
virtual unsigned int getDisplayMonitorCount () const
 Gets the number of display monitors. More...
virtual String getDisplayName ()
EGLBoolean getGLConfigAttrib (EGLConfig fbConfig, EGLint attribute, EGLint *value)
::EGLConfig getGLConfigFromContext (::EGLContext context)
::EGLConfig getGLConfigFromDrawable (::EGLSurface drawable, unsigned int *w, unsigned int *h)
EGLDisplay getGLDisplay ()
const StringgetGLVendor () const
 Get vendor information. More...
const DriverVersiongetGLVersion () const
 Get version information. More...
void * getProcAddress (const char *procname) const
 Get the address of a function. More...
const StringgetShaderCachePath () const
 Get shader cache path. More...
const StringgetShaderLibraryPath () const
 Get shader library path. More...
bool hasMinGLVersion (int major, int minor) const
 Check if GL Version is supported. More...
virtual void initialiseExtensions ()
 Initialises GL extensions, must be done AFTER the GL context has been established. More...
virtual RenderWindow * newWindow (const String &name, unsigned int width, unsigned int height, bool fullScreen, const NameValuePairList *miscParams=0)=0
 Creates a new rendering window. More...
::EGLConfig selectGLConfig (const EGLint *minAttribs, const EGLint *maxAttribs)
void setConfigOption (const String &name, const String &value)
void setGLDisplay (EGLDisplay val)
void setShaderCachePath (String path)
 Set shader cache path. More...
void setShaderLibraryPath (String path)
 Set shader library path. More...
void start ()
 Start anything special. More...
void stop ()
 Stop anything special. More...
void switchMode ()
virtual void switchMode (uint &width, uint &height, short &frequency)=0
String validateConfig ()
 Make sure all the extra options are valid. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EGLSupport()

Ogre::EGLSupport::EGLSupport ( )

◆ ~EGLSupport()

virtual Ogre::EGLSupport::~EGLSupport ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addConfig()

void Ogre::EGLSupport::addConfig ( )

Add any special config values to the system.

Must have a "Full Screen" value that is a bool and a "Video Mode" value that is a string in the form of wxh

Implements Ogre::GLES2Support.

◆ checkExtension()

virtual bool Ogre::GLES2Support::checkExtension ( const String ext) const

Check if an extension is available.

◆ chooseGLConfig()

EGLConfig* Ogre::EGLSupport::chooseGLConfig ( const EGLint *  attribList,
EGLint *  nElements 

◆ createNewContext()

::EGLContext Ogre::EGLSupport::createNewContext ( EGLDisplay  eglDisplay,
::EGLConfig  glconfig,
::EGLContext  shareList 
) const

◆ createWindow()

RenderWindow* Ogre::EGLSupport::createWindow ( bool  autoCreateWindow,
GLES2RenderSystem renderSystem,
const String windowTitle 

Implements Ogre::GLES2Support.

◆ getConfigOptions()

virtual ConfigOptionMap& Ogre::GLES2Support::getConfigOptions ( )

◆ getConfigs()

EGLConfig* Ogre::EGLSupport::getConfigs ( EGLint *  nElements)

◆ getDisplayMonitorCount()

virtual unsigned int Ogre::GLES2Support::getDisplayMonitorCount ( ) const

Gets the number of display monitors.

See also

◆ getDisplayName()

virtual String Ogre::EGLSupport::getDisplayName ( )

Reimplemented in Ogre::X11EGLSupport.

◆ getGLConfigAttrib()

EGLBoolean Ogre::EGLSupport::getGLConfigAttrib ( EGLConfig  fbConfig,
EGLint  attribute,
EGLint *  value 

◆ getGLConfigFromContext()

::EGLConfig Ogre::EGLSupport::getGLConfigFromContext ( ::EGLContext  context)

◆ getGLConfigFromDrawable()

::EGLConfig Ogre::EGLSupport::getGLConfigFromDrawable ( ::EGLSurface  drawable,
unsigned int *  w,
unsigned int *  h 

◆ getGLDisplay()

EGLDisplay Ogre::EGLSupport::getGLDisplay ( )

◆ getGLVendor()

const String& Ogre::GLES2Support::getGLVendor ( ) const

Get vendor information.

◆ getGLVersion()

const DriverVersion& Ogre::GLES2Support::getGLVersion ( ) const

Get version information.

◆ getProcAddress()

void* Ogre::EGLSupport::getProcAddress ( const char *  procname) const

Get the address of a function.

Implements Ogre::GLES2Support.

◆ getShaderCachePath()

const String& Ogre::GLES2Support::getShaderCachePath ( ) const

Get shader cache path.

◆ getShaderLibraryPath()

const String& Ogre::GLES2Support::getShaderLibraryPath ( ) const

Get shader library path.

◆ hasMinGLVersion()

bool Ogre::GLES2Support::hasMinGLVersion ( int  major,
int  minor 
) const

Check if GL Version is supported.

◆ initialiseExtensions()

virtual void Ogre::GLES2Support::initialiseExtensions ( )

Initialises GL extensions, must be done AFTER the GL context has been established.

◆ newWindow()

virtual RenderWindow* Ogre::GLES2Support::newWindow ( const String name,
unsigned int  width,
unsigned int  height,
bool  fullScreen,
const NameValuePairList miscParams = 0 
pure virtualinherited

Creates a new rendering window.

This method creates a new rendering window as specified by the paramteters. The rendering system could be responible for only a single window (e.g. in the case of a game), or could be in charge of multiple ones (in the case of a level editor). The option to create the window as a child of another is therefore given. This method will create an appropriate subclass of RenderWindow depending on the API and platform implementation.
After creation, this window can be retrieved using getRenderTarget().
nameThe name of the window. Used in other methods later like setRenderTarget and getRenderTarget.
widthThe width of the new window.
heightThe height of the new window.
fullScreenSpecify true to make the window full screen without borders, title bar or menu bar.
miscParamsA NameValuePairList describing the other parameters for the new rendering window. Options are case sensitive. Unrecognised parameters will be ignored silently. These values might be platform dependent, but these are present for all platforms unless indicated otherwise:
Key Type/Values Default Description Notes
title Any string RenderTarget name The title of the window that will appear in the title bar  
colourDepth 16, 32 Desktop depth Colour depth of the resulting rendering window; only applies if fullScreen Win32 Specific
left Positive integers Centred Screen x coordinate from left  
top Positive integers Centred Screen y coordinate from left  
depthBuffer true, false true Use depth buffer DirectX9 specific
externalWindowHandle Win32: HWND as integer
GLX: poslong:posint:poslong (display*:screen:windowHandle) or poslong:posint:poslong:poslong (display*:screen:windowHandle:XVisualInfo*)
OS X Cocoa: OgreGLView address as an integer. You can pass NSView or NSWindow too, but should perform OgreGLView callbacks into the Ogre manually. iOS: UIWindow address as an integer
0 (none) External window handle, for embedding the OGRE render in an existing window  
externalGLControl true, false false Let the external window control OpenGL i.e. don't select a pixel format for the window, do not change v-sync and do not swap buffer. When set to true, the calling application is responsible of OpenGL initialization and buffer swapping. It should also create an OpenGL context for its own rendering, Ogre will create one for its use. Then the calling application must also enable Ogre OpenGL context before calling any Ogre function and restore its OpenGL context after these calls. OpenGL specific
externalGLContext Context as Unsigned Long 0 (create own context) Use an externally created GL context OpenGL Specific
parentWindowHandle Win32: HWND as integer
GLX: poslong:posint:poslong (display*:screen:windowHandle) or poslong:posint:poslong:poslong (display*:screen:windowHandle:XVisualInfo*)
0 (none) Parent window handle, for embedding the OGRE in a child of an external window  
contentScalingFactor Positive Float greater than 1.0 The default content scaling factor of the screen Specifies the CAEAGLLayer content scaling factor. Only supported on iOS 4 or greater. This can be useful to limit the resolution of the OpenGL ES backing store. For example, the iPhone 4's native resolution is 960 x 640. Windows are always 320 x 480, if you would like to limit the display to 720 x 480, specify 1.5 as the scaling factor. iOS Specific  
externalViewHandle UIView pointer as an integer 0 External view handle, for rendering OGRE render in an existing view iOS Specific  
externalViewControllerHandle UIViewController pointer as an integer 0 External view controller handle, for embedding OGRE in an existing view controller iOS Specific  
externalSharegroup EAGLSharegroup pointer as an integer 0 External sharegroup, used to shared GL resources between contexts iOS Specific  
Full Screen true, false false Specify whether to create the window in full screen mode OS X Specific  
MSAA Positive integer (usually 1, 2, 4, 8, 16) 1 Multisample antialiasing factor  
MSAA_Quality Depends on RenderSystem and hardware. Currently supports:
0 ... infinite number (depends on HW)
Blank Full screen antialiasing hint  
displayFrequency Refresh rate in Hertz (e.g. 60, 75, 100) Desktop vsync rate Display frequency rate, for fullscreen mode  
vsync true, false false Synchronize buffer swaps to monitor vsync, eliminating tearing at the expense of a fixed frame rate  
vsyncInterval 1, 2, 3, 4 1 If vsync is enabled, the minimum number of vertical blanks that should occur between renders. For example if vsync is enabled, the refresh rate is 60 and this is set to 2, then the frame rate will be locked at 30.  
border none, fixed, resize resize The type of window border (in windowed mode)  
outerDimensions true, false false Whether the width/height is expressed as the size of the outer window, rather than the content area  
useNVPerfHUD true, false false Enable the use of nVidia NVPerfHUD  
gamma true, false false Enable hardware conversion from linear colour space to gamma colour space on rendering to the window.  
enableDoubleClick true, false false Enable the window to keep track and transmit double click messages. Win32 Specific
MSAA Positive integer (usually 0, 2, 4, 8, 16) 0 Full screen antialiasing factor
Android Specific
CSAA Positive integer (usually 0, 2, 4, 8, 16) 0 Coverage sampling factor (https://www.khronos.org/registry/egl/extensions/NV/EGL_NV_coverage_sample.txt)
Android Specific
maxColourBufferSize Positive integer (usually 16, 32) 32 Max EGL_BUFFER_SIZE
Android Specific
minColourBufferSize Positive integer (usually 16, 32) 16 Min EGL_BUFFER_SIZE
Android Specific
maxStencilBufferSize Positive integer (usually 0, 8) 0 EGL_STENCIL_SIZE
Android Specific
maxDepthBufferSize Positive integer (usually 0, 16, 24) 16 EGL_DEPTH_SIZE
Android Specific

Implemented in Ogre::X11EGLSupport, Ogre::Win32EGLSupport, Ogre::EmscriptenEGLSupport, and Ogre::AndroidEGLSupport.

◆ selectGLConfig()

::EGLConfig Ogre::EGLSupport::selectGLConfig ( const EGLint *  minAttribs,
const EGLint *  maxAttribs 

◆ setConfigOption()

void Ogre::EGLSupport::setConfigOption ( const String name,
const String value 

Reimplemented from Ogre::GLES2Support.

◆ setGLDisplay()

void Ogre::EGLSupport::setGLDisplay ( EGLDisplay  val)

◆ setShaderCachePath()

void Ogre::GLES2Support::setShaderCachePath ( String  path)

Set shader cache path.

◆ setShaderLibraryPath()

void Ogre::GLES2Support::setShaderLibraryPath ( String  path)

Set shader library path.

◆ start()

void Ogre::EGLSupport::start ( )

Start anything special.

Implements Ogre::GLES2Support.

◆ stop()

void Ogre::EGLSupport::stop ( )

Stop anything special.

Implements Ogre::GLES2Support.

◆ switchMode() [1/2]

void Ogre::EGLSupport::switchMode ( )

◆ switchMode() [2/2]

virtual void Ogre::EGLSupport::switchMode ( uint width,
uint height,
short &  frequency 
pure virtual

◆ validateConfig()

String Ogre::EGLSupport::validateConfig ( )

Make sure all the extra options are valid.

string with error message

Implements Ogre::GLES2Support.

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