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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::v1::VulkanHardwareBufferCommon Class Reference

#include <OgreVulkanHardwareBufferCommon.h>

Public Member Functions

 VulkanHardwareBufferCommon (size_t sizeBytes, HardwareBuffer::Usage usage, uint16 alignment, VulkanDiscardBufferManager *discardBufferManager, VulkanDevice *device)
virtual ~VulkanHardwareBufferCommon ()
void _notifyDeviceStalled ()
void copyData (VulkanHardwareBufferCommon *srcBuffer, size_t srcOffset, size_t dstOffset, size_t length, bool discardWholeBuffer=false)
VkBuffer getBufferName (size_t &outOffset)
 Returns the actual API buffer, but first sets mLastFrameUsed as we assume you're calling this function to use the buffer in the GPU. More...
VkBuffer getBufferNameForGpuWrite (size_t &outOffset)
size_t getSizeBytes () const
void * lockImpl (size_t offset, size_t length, HardwareBuffer::LockOptions options, bool isLocked)
void readData (size_t offset, size_t length, void *pDest)
void unlockImpl (size_t lockStart, size_t lockSize)
void writeData (size_t offset, size_t length, const void *pSource, bool discardWholeBuffer=false)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VulkanHardwareBufferCommon()

Ogre::v1::VulkanHardwareBufferCommon::VulkanHardwareBufferCommon ( size_t  sizeBytes,
HardwareBuffer::Usage  usage,
uint16  alignment,
VulkanDiscardBufferManager discardBufferManager,
VulkanDevice device 

◆ ~VulkanHardwareBufferCommon()

virtual Ogre::v1::VulkanHardwareBufferCommon::~VulkanHardwareBufferCommon ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ _notifyDeviceStalled()

void Ogre::v1::VulkanHardwareBufferCommon::_notifyDeviceStalled ( )

◆ copyData()

void Ogre::v1::VulkanHardwareBufferCommon::copyData ( VulkanHardwareBufferCommon srcBuffer,
size_t  srcOffset,
size_t  dstOffset,
size_t  length,
bool  discardWholeBuffer = false 
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◆ getBufferName()

VkBuffer Ogre::v1::VulkanHardwareBufferCommon::getBufferName ( size_t &  outOffset)

Returns the actual API buffer, but first sets mLastFrameUsed as we assume you're calling this function to use the buffer in the GPU.

outOffsetOut. Guaranteed to be written. Used by HBU_DISCARDABLE buffers which need an offset to the internal ring buffer we've allocated.
The MTLBuffer in question.

◆ getBufferNameForGpuWrite()

VkBuffer Ogre::v1::VulkanHardwareBufferCommon::getBufferNameForGpuWrite ( size_t &  outOffset)

◆ getSizeBytes()

size_t Ogre::v1::VulkanHardwareBufferCommon::getSizeBytes ( ) const

◆ lockImpl()

void* Ogre::v1::VulkanHardwareBufferCommon::lockImpl ( size_t  offset,
size_t  length,
HardwareBuffer::LockOptions  options,
bool  isLocked 
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◆ readData()

void Ogre::v1::VulkanHardwareBufferCommon::readData ( size_t  offset,
size_t  length,
void *  pDest 
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◆ unlockImpl()

void Ogre::v1::VulkanHardwareBufferCommon::unlockImpl ( size_t  lockStart,
size_t  lockSize 
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◆ writeData()

void Ogre::v1::VulkanHardwareBufferCommon::writeData ( size_t  offset,
size_t  length,
const void *  pSource,
bool  discardWholeBuffer = false 
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