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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
OgreVertexArrayObject.h File Reference


struct  Ogre::VertexArrayObject
 Vertex array objects (Vaos) are immutable objects that describe a combination of vertex buffers and index buffer with a given operation type. More...
struct  Ogre::VertexArrayObject::ReadRequests


 bswapNN may be defined as macros in <sys/endian.h> or <sys/bswap.h>


typedef map< VertexBufferPacked *, VertexBufferPacked * >::type Ogre::SharedVertexBufferMap
 When cloning Vaos, some vertex buffers are used multiple times for LOD'ing purposes (only the IndexBuffer changes). More...
typedef vector< VertexBufferPacked * >::type Ogre::VertexBufferPackedVec