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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::RadialDensityMask Class Reference

#include <OgreRadialDensityMask.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Ogre::RadialDensityMask:

Public Types

enum  RdmQuality { RdmLow , RdmMedium , RdmHigh }

Public Member Functions

 RadialDensityMask (SceneManager *sceneManager, const float radius[3], HlmsManager *hlmsManager)
 ~RadialDensityMask ()
const float * getRadius () const
Rectangle2DgetRectangle () const
void setEyesCenter (const Vector2 &leftEyeCenter, const Vector2 &rightEyeCenter)
 Sets the center of the eye. More...
void setNewRadius (const float radius[3])
 Changes existing set of radiuses. More...
void setQuality (RdmQuality quality)
 Sets the quality of the reconstruction filter for half resolution rendering. More...
void update (Viewport *viewports)

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ RdmQuality


Cheap, pixelated and grainy.


Slower than low but much better results.

Can result in sharp text but still aliasing, shimmering/grain


Slowest, but best results.

Can result in blurry text but smoother graphics (i.e. less aliasing and shimmering/grain)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RadialDensityMask()

Ogre::RadialDensityMask::RadialDensityMask ( SceneManager sceneManager,
const float  radius[3],
HlmsManager hlmsManager 

◆ ~RadialDensityMask()

Ogre::RadialDensityMask::~RadialDensityMask ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getRadius()

const float* Ogre::RadialDensityMask::getRadius ( ) const

◆ getRectangle()

Rectangle2D* Ogre::RadialDensityMask::getRectangle ( ) const

◆ setEyesCenter()

void Ogre::RadialDensityMask::setEyesCenter ( const Vector2 leftEyeCenter,
const Vector2 rightEyeCenter 

Sets the center of the eye.

Each eye is relative to its own viewport. e.g. the default for both eyes is Vector2( 0, 0 ) and not Vector2( -0.5, 0 ) for the left eye and Vector2( 0.5, 0 ) for the right eye

leftEyeCenterIn clip space, i.e. in range [-1; 1]
rightEyeCenterIn clip space, i.e. in range [-1; 1]

◆ setNewRadius()

void Ogre::RadialDensityMask::setNewRadius ( const float  radius[3])

Changes existing set of radiuses.

radiusFor best performance, do not change the value of mRadius[0]

◆ setQuality()

void Ogre::RadialDensityMask::setQuality ( RdmQuality  quality)

Sets the quality of the reconstruction filter for half resolution rendering.

Quarter and Sixteenth resolution rendering is always reconstructed using low quality.


◆ update()

void Ogre::RadialDensityMask::update ( Viewport viewports)

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