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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::SkeletonAnimationDef Class Reference

#include <OgreSkeletonAnimationDef.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Ogre::SkeletonAnimationDef:

Public Member Functions

 SkeletonAnimationDef ()
 ~SkeletonAnimationDef ()
void _dumpCsvTracks (String &outText) const
 Dumps all the tracks in CSV format to the output string argument. More...
void _setSkeletonDef (const SkeletonDef *skeletonDef)
void build (const v1::Skeleton *skeleton, const v1::Animation *animation, Real frameRate)
const StringgetNameStr () const
Real getNumFrames () const
Real getOriginalFrameRate () const
void setName (const String &name)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SkeletonAnimationDef()

Ogre::SkeletonAnimationDef::SkeletonAnimationDef ( )

◆ ~SkeletonAnimationDef()

Ogre::SkeletonAnimationDef::~SkeletonAnimationDef ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ _dumpCsvTracks()

void Ogre::SkeletonAnimationDef::_dumpCsvTracks ( String outText) const

Dumps all the tracks in CSV format to the output string argument.

Mostly for debugging purposes. (also easy example to show how to enumerate all the tracks and get the bones back from its block index)

◆ _setSkeletonDef()

void Ogre::SkeletonAnimationDef::_setSkeletonDef ( const SkeletonDef skeletonDef)

◆ build()

void Ogre::SkeletonAnimationDef::build ( const v1::Skeleton skeleton,
const v1::Animation animation,
Real  frameRate 

◆ getNameStr()

const String& Ogre::SkeletonAnimationDef::getNameStr ( ) const

◆ getNumFrames()

Real Ogre::SkeletonAnimationDef::getNumFrames ( ) const

◆ getOriginalFrameRate()

Real Ogre::SkeletonAnimationDef::getOriginalFrameRate ( ) const

◆ setName()

void Ogre::SkeletonAnimationDef::setName ( const String name)

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