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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition Class Reference

Local texture definition. More...

#include <OgreTextureDefinition.h>

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Public Member Functions

 TextureDefinition (IdString _name)
void _setName (IdString newName)
 Do not call directly. More...
IdString getName () const

Public Attributes

bool bTargetOrientation
PixelFormatGpu depthBufferFormat
uint16 depthBufferId
 This is a default value for the texture, but can be overriden by an RTV definition. More...
uint32 depthOrSlices
PixelFormatGpu format
 Use PFG_UNKNOWN to use same format as main target. More...
String fsaa
 "1" = Disable. More...
uint32 height
float heightFactor
uint8 numMipmaps
bool preferDepthTexture
uint32 textureFlags
 See TextureFlags::TextureFlags. More...
TextureTypes::TextureTypes textureType
uint32 width
float widthFactor

Detailed Description

Local texture definition.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TextureDefinition()

Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::TextureDefinition ( IdString  _name)

Member Function Documentation

◆ _setName()

void Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::_setName ( IdString  newName)

Do not call directly.

See also
TextureDefinition::renameTexture instead.

◆ getName()

IdString Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::getName ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ bTargetOrientation

bool Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::bTargetOrientation

◆ depthBufferFormat

PixelFormatGpu Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::depthBufferFormat

◆ depthBufferId

uint16 Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::depthBufferId

This is a default value for the texture, but can be overriden by an RTV definition.

See RenderTargetViewEntry::depthBufferId

◆ depthOrSlices

uint32 Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::depthOrSlices

◆ format

PixelFormatGpu Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::format

Use PFG_UNKNOWN to use same format as main target.

◆ fsaa

String Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::fsaa

"1" = Disable.

"8", "8x", "8x MSAA Center", "8x CSAA" = Enable "" = Use same setting as main target

◆ height

uint32 Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::height

◆ heightFactor

float Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::heightFactor

◆ numMipmaps

uint8 Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::numMipmaps

◆ preferDepthTexture

bool Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::preferDepthTexture

◆ textureFlags

uint32 Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::textureFlags

See TextureFlags::TextureFlags.

Valid flags are: NotTexture (only valid if Uav is present) RenderToTexture (must be present unless Uav is present) Uav (must be present unless RenderToTexture is present) AllowAutomipmaps AutomipmapsAuto MsaaExplicitResolve DiscardableContent Note that RenderToTexture & Uav can coexist.

◆ textureType

TextureTypes::TextureTypes Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::textureType

◆ width

uint32 Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::width

◆ widthFactor

float Ogre::TextureDefinitionBase::TextureDefinition::widthFactor

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