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Ogre::cbitset32< _N > Class Template Reference

This is similar to std::bitset, except waaay less bloat. More...

#include <OgreBitset.h>

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::cbitsetN< _N, uint32, 5u, 0x1Fu >
 cbitsetN ()
size_t capacity () const
 Return maximum number of bits this bitset can hold. More...
void clear ()
 Sets all bits to 0. More...
bool empty () const
 Returns true if all bits are unset. More...
size_t numBitsSet (const size_t positionEnd) const
 Returns the number of bits that are set between range [0; positionEnd). More...
void set (const size_t position)
 Sets bit at 'position' to 1. More...
void setAll ()
 Sets all bits to 1. More...
void setAllUntil (size_t position)
 Sets all bits in range [0; position) It's the same as calling: More...
void setValue (const size_t position, const bool bValue)
 Sets bit at 'position'. More...
bool test (const size_t position) const
 Returns true if bit at 'position' is 1. More...
void unset (const size_t position)
 Sets bit at 'position' to 0. More...

Detailed Description

template<size_t _N>
class Ogre::cbitset32< _N >

This is similar to std::bitset, except waaay less bloat.

cbitset32 stands for constant/compile-time bitset with an internal representation of 32-bits

2^5 = 32 0x1F = 32 - 1 = 5 bits set

IMPORTANT: To use this class, you MUST include OgreBitset.inl in your cpp file This split into *.h and *.inl was to avoid bloating build times of headers that include OgreBitset.h
_NNumber of bits this bitset will hold

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