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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::v1::GLES2TextureBuffer Class Reference

Texture surface. More...

#include <OgreGLES2TextureBuffer.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GLES2TextureBuffer (const String &baseName, GLenum target, GLuint id, GLint width, GLint height, GLint depth, GLint internalFormat, GLint format, GLint face, GLint level, Usage usage, bool softwareMipmap, bool writeGamma, uint fsaa)
 Texture constructor. More...
virtual ~GLES2TextureBuffer ()
void _clearSliceRTT (size_t zoffset)
 Notify TextureBuffer of destruction of render target. More...
virtual void bindToFramebuffer (GLenum attachment, uint32 zoffset)
 Bind surface to frame buffer. More...
void blit (const HardwarePixelBufferSharedPtr &src, const Box &srcBox, const Box &dstBox)
virtual void blitFromMemory (const PixelBox &src_orig, const Box &dstBox)
 Hardware implementation of blitFromMemory. More...
void blitFromTexture (GLES2TextureBuffer *src, const Box &srcBox, const Box &dstBox)
void copyFromFramebuffer (uint32 zoffset)
virtual void download (const PixelBox &data)
 Download a box of pixels from the card. More...
RenderTexture * getRenderTarget (size_t slice)
virtual void upload (const PixelBox &data, const Box &dest)
 Upload a box of pixels to this buffer on the card. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::v1::GLES2HardwarePixelBuffer
 GLES2HardwarePixelBuffer (uint32 mWidth, uint32 mHeight, uint32 mDepth, PixelFormat mFormat, bool hwGamma, HardwareBuffer::Usage usage)
 Should be called by HardwareBufferManager. More...
virtual ~GLES2HardwarePixelBuffer ()
void blitFromMemory (const PixelBox &src, const Box &dstBox)
void blitToMemory (const Box &srcBox, const PixelBox &dst)
GLenum getGLFormat ()

Detailed Description

Texture surface.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GLES2TextureBuffer()

Ogre::v1::GLES2TextureBuffer::GLES2TextureBuffer ( const String baseName,
GLenum  target,
GLuint  id,
GLint  width,
GLint  height,
GLint  depth,
GLint  internalFormat,
GLint  format,
GLint  face,
GLint  level,
Usage  usage,
bool  softwareMipmap,
bool  writeGamma,
uint  fsaa 

Texture constructor.

◆ ~GLES2TextureBuffer()

virtual Ogre::v1::GLES2TextureBuffer::~GLES2TextureBuffer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ _clearSliceRTT()

void Ogre::v1::GLES2TextureBuffer::_clearSliceRTT ( size_t  zoffset)

Notify TextureBuffer of destruction of render target.

◆ bindToFramebuffer()

virtual void Ogre::v1::GLES2TextureBuffer::bindToFramebuffer ( GLenum  attachment,
uint32  zoffset 

Bind surface to frame buffer.

Needs FBO extension.

Reimplemented from Ogre::v1::GLES2HardwarePixelBuffer.

◆ blit()

void Ogre::v1::GLES2TextureBuffer::blit ( const HardwarePixelBufferSharedPtr &  src,
const Box srcBox,
const Box dstBox 

◆ blitFromMemory()

virtual void Ogre::v1::GLES2TextureBuffer::blitFromMemory ( const PixelBox &  src_orig,
const Box dstBox 

Hardware implementation of blitFromMemory.

◆ blitFromTexture()

void Ogre::v1::GLES2TextureBuffer::blitFromTexture ( GLES2TextureBuffer src,
const Box srcBox,
const Box dstBox 

◆ copyFromFramebuffer()

void Ogre::v1::GLES2TextureBuffer::copyFromFramebuffer ( uint32  zoffset)

◆ download()

virtual void Ogre::v1::GLES2TextureBuffer::download ( const PixelBox &  data)

Download a box of pixels from the card.

Reimplemented from Ogre::v1::GLES2HardwarePixelBuffer.

◆ getRenderTarget()

RenderTexture* Ogre::v1::GLES2TextureBuffer::getRenderTarget ( size_t  slice)

◆ upload()

virtual void Ogre::v1::GLES2TextureBuffer::upload ( const PixelBox &  data,
const Box dest 

Upload a box of pixels to this buffer on the card.

Reimplemented from Ogre::v1::GLES2HardwarePixelBuffer.

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