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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::LwString::Double Struct Reference

#include <OgreLwString.h>

Public Member Functions

 Double (double value, int precision=-1, int minWidth=-1)

Public Attributes

int mMinWidth
int mPrecision
double mValue

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Double()

Ogre::LwString::Double::Double ( double  value,
int  precision = -1,
int  minWidth = -1 
valuefloat value to convert.
precisionControls truncation/rounding. Example: value = 1.56 precision = 1 prints "1.6"
minWidthControls the minimum width of the decimals. Example: value = 1.5 minWidth = 2 prints "1.50"

Member Data Documentation

◆ mMinWidth

int Ogre::LwString::Double::mMinWidth

Referenced by Ogre::LwString::a().

◆ mPrecision

int Ogre::LwString::Double::mPrecision

Referenced by Ogre::LwString::a().

◆ mValue

double Ogre::LwString::Double::mValue

Referenced by Ogre::LwString::a().

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