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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::TexturePool Struct Reference

#include <OgreTextureGpuManager.h>

Public Member Functions

bool empty () const
bool hasFreeSlot () const

Public Attributes

vector< uint16 >::type availableSlots
bool manuallyReserved
uint16 usedMemory
TextureGpuVec usedSlots

Member Function Documentation

◆ empty()

bool Ogre::TexturePool::empty ( ) const

◆ hasFreeSlot()

bool Ogre::TexturePool::hasFreeSlot ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ availableSlots

vector<uint16>::type Ogre::TexturePool::availableSlots

◆ manuallyReserved

bool Ogre::TexturePool::manuallyReserved

◆ masterTexture

TextureGpu* Ogre::TexturePool::masterTexture

◆ usedMemory

uint16 Ogre::TexturePool::usedMemory

◆ usedSlots

TextureGpuVec Ogre::TexturePool::usedSlots

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