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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::VulkanExternalInstance Struct Reference

Use it to pass an external instance. More...

#include <OgreVulkanDevice.h>

Public Attributes

VkInstance instance
FastArray< VkExtensionProperties > instanceExtensions
FastArray< VkLayerProperties > instanceLayers

Detailed Description

Use it to pass an external instance.

We will verify if the layers and extensions you claim were enabled are actually supported.

This is so because in Qt you can request these layers/extensions but you get no feedback from Qt whether they were present and thus successfully enabled.

However if the instance actually supports the layer/extension you requested but the third party library explicitly chose not to enable it for any random reason, then we will wrongly think it's enabled / present.

Member Data Documentation

◆ instance

VkInstance Ogre::VulkanExternalInstance::instance

◆ instanceExtensions

FastArray<VkExtensionProperties> Ogre::VulkanExternalInstance::instanceExtensions

◆ instanceLayers

FastArray<VkLayerProperties> Ogre::VulkanExternalInstance::instanceLayers

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