OGRE  1.10.12
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject Class Reference

#include <OgreInstancedGeometry.h>

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Public Types

typedef vector< GeometryBucket * >::type GeometryBucketList
 list of Geometry Buckets that contains the instanced object More...
enum  TransformSpace { TS_LOCAL, TS_PARENT, TS_WORLD }

Public Member Functions

 InstancedObject (unsigned short index)
 InstancedObject (unsigned short index, SkeletonInstance *skeleton, AnimationStateSet *animations)
 ~InstancedObject ()
void addBucketToList (GeometryBucket *bucket)
AnimationStategetAnimationState (const String &name) const
GeometryBucketListgetGeometryBucketList (void)
Matrix3 getLocalAxes (void) const
QuaterniongetOrientation (void)
const Vector3getPosition (void) const
const Vector3getScale () const
SkeletonInstancegetSkeletonInstance (void)
void needUpdate ()
void pitch (const Radian &angle)
void roll (const Radian &angle)
void rotate (const Quaternion &q)
void setOrientation (const Quaternion &q)
void setPosition (const Vector3 &position)
void setPositionAndOrientation (const Vector3 &p, const Quaternion &q)
void setScale (const Vector3 &scale)
void translate (const Matrix3 &axes, const Vector3 &move)
void translate (const Vector3 &d)
void updateAnimation (void)
void yaw (const Radian &angle)


class GeometryBucket

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ GeometryBucketList

list of Geometry Buckets that contains the instanced object

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ TransformSpace


Transform is relative to the local space.


Transform is relative to the space of the parent node.


Transform is relative to world space.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ InstancedObject() [1/2]

Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::InstancedObject ( unsigned short  index)

◆ InstancedObject() [2/2]

Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::InstancedObject ( unsigned short  index,
SkeletonInstance skeleton,
AnimationStateSet animations 

◆ ~InstancedObject()

Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::~InstancedObject ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ setPosition()

void Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::setPosition ( const Vector3 position)

◆ getPosition()

const Vector3& Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::getPosition ( void  ) const

◆ yaw()

void Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::yaw ( const Radian angle)

◆ pitch()

void Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::pitch ( const Radian angle)

◆ roll()

void Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::roll ( const Radian angle)

◆ rotate()

void Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::rotate ( const Quaternion q)

◆ setScale()

void Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::setScale ( const Vector3 scale)

◆ getScale()

const Vector3& Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::getScale ( ) const

◆ setOrientation()

void Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::setOrientation ( const Quaternion q)

◆ setPositionAndOrientation()

void Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::setPositionAndOrientation ( const Vector3 p,
const Quaternion q 

◆ getOrientation()

Quaternion& Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::getOrientation ( void  )

◆ addBucketToList()

void Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::addBucketToList ( GeometryBucket bucket)

◆ needUpdate()

void Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::needUpdate ( )

◆ getGeometryBucketList()

GeometryBucketList& Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::getGeometryBucketList ( void  )

◆ translate() [1/2]

void Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::translate ( const Matrix3 axes,
const Vector3 move 

◆ translate() [2/2]

void Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::translate ( const Vector3 d)

◆ getLocalAxes()

Matrix3 Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::getLocalAxes ( void  ) const

◆ updateAnimation()

void Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::updateAnimation ( void  )

◆ getAnimationState()

AnimationState* Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::getAnimationState ( const String name) const

◆ getSkeletonInstance()

SkeletonInstance* Ogre::InstancedGeometry::InstancedObject::getSkeletonInstance ( void  )

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ GeometryBucket

friend class GeometryBucket

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