OGRE  13.6
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer Class Reference

#include <OgreGLES2HardwareBuffer.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GLES2HardwareBuffer (GLenum target, size_t sizeInBytes, GLenum usage, bool useShadowBuffer)
 ~GLES2HardwareBuffer ()
void _updateFromShadow () override
 Updates the real buffer from the shadow buffer, if required. More...
void copyData (HardwareBuffer &srcBuffer, size_t srcOffset, size_t dstOffset, size_t length, bool discardWholeBuffer) override
 Copy data from another buffer into this one. More...
void createBuffer ()
void destroyBuffer ()
GLint getGLBufferBinding (void) const
GLuint getGLBufferId (void) const
void * lockImpl (size_t offset, size_t length, HardwareBuffer::LockOptions options) override
 Internal implementation of lock() More...
void readData (size_t offset, size_t length, void *pDest) override
 Reads data from the buffer and places it in the memory pointed to by pDest. More...
void setGLBufferBinding (GLint binding)
void unlockImpl () override
 Internal implementation of unlock() More...
void writeData (size_t offset, size_t length, const void *pSource, bool discardWholeBuffer=false) override
 Writes data to the buffer from an area of system memory; note that you must ensure that your buffer is big enough. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::HardwareBuffer
 HardwareBuffer (Usage usage, bool systemMemory, bool useShadowBuffer)
 Constructor, to be called by HardwareBufferManager only. More...
virtual ~HardwareBuffer ()
template<typename T >
T * _getImpl ()
void copyData (HardwareBuffer &srcBuffer)
 Copy all data from another buffer into this one. More...
size_t getSizeInBytes (void) const
 Returns the size of this buffer in bytes. More...
Usage getUsage (void) const
 Returns the Usage flags with which this buffer was created. More...
bool hasShadowBuffer (void) const
 Returns whether this buffer has a system memory shadow for quicker reading. More...
bool isLocked (void) const
 Returns whether or not this buffer is currently locked. More...
bool isSystemMemory (void) const
 Returns whether this buffer is held in system memory. More...
void * lock (LockOptions options)
 This is an overloaded member function, provided for convenience. It differs from the above function only in what argument(s) it accepts. More...
virtual void * lock (size_t offset, size_t length, LockOptions options)
 Lock the buffer for (potentially) reading / writing. More...
void suppressHardwareUpdate (bool suppress)
 Pass true to suppress hardware upload of shadow buffer changes. More...
void unlock (void)
 Releases the lock on this buffer. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Ogre::HardwareBuffer
enum  LockOptions : uint8 {
 Locking options. More...
typedef uint8 Usage
enum  UsageEnum {
 Rather use HardwareBufferUsage. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GLES2HardwareBuffer()

Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer::GLES2HardwareBuffer ( GLenum  target,
size_t  sizeInBytes,
GLenum  usage,
bool  useShadowBuffer 

◆ ~GLES2HardwareBuffer()

Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer::~GLES2HardwareBuffer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ createBuffer()

void Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer::createBuffer ( )

◆ destroyBuffer()

void Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer::destroyBuffer ( )

◆ lockImpl()

void* Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer::lockImpl ( size_t  offset,
size_t  length,
HardwareBuffer::LockOptions  options 

Internal implementation of lock()

Reimplemented from Ogre::HardwareBuffer.

◆ unlockImpl()

void Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer::unlockImpl ( void  )

Internal implementation of unlock()

Reimplemented from Ogre::HardwareBuffer.

◆ readData()

void Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer::readData ( size_t  offset,
size_t  length,
void *  pDest 

Reads data from the buffer and places it in the memory pointed to by pDest.

offsetThe byte offset from the start of the buffer to read
lengthThe size of the area to read, in bytes
pDestThe area of memory in which to place the data, must be large enough to accommodate the data!

Reimplemented from Ogre::HardwareBuffer.

◆ writeData()

void Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer::writeData ( size_t  offset,
size_t  length,
const void *  pSource,
bool  discardWholeBuffer = false 

Writes data to the buffer from an area of system memory; note that you must ensure that your buffer is big enough.

offsetThe byte offset from the start of the buffer to start writing
lengthThe size of the data to write to, in bytes
pSourceThe source of the data to be written
discardWholeBufferIf true, this allows the driver to discard the entire buffer when writing, such that DMA stalls can be avoided; use if you can.

Reimplemented from Ogre::HardwareBuffer.

◆ copyData()

void Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer::copyData ( HardwareBuffer srcBuffer,
size_t  srcOffset,
size_t  dstOffset,
size_t  length,
bool  discardWholeBuffer 

Copy data from another buffer into this one.

Note that the source buffer must not be created with the usage HBU_WRITE_ONLY otherwise this will fail.

srcBufferThe buffer from which to read the copied data
srcOffsetOffset in the source buffer at which to start reading
dstOffsetOffset in the destination buffer to start writing
lengthLength of the data to copy, in bytes.
discardWholeBufferIf true, will discard the entire contents of this buffer before copying

Reimplemented from Ogre::HardwareBuffer.

◆ _updateFromShadow()

void Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer::_updateFromShadow ( void  )

Updates the real buffer from the shadow buffer, if required.

Reimplemented from Ogre::HardwareBuffer.

◆ getGLBufferId()

GLuint Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer::getGLBufferId ( void  ) const

◆ setGLBufferBinding()

void Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer::setGLBufferBinding ( GLint  binding)

◆ getGLBufferBinding()

GLint Ogre::GLES2HardwareBuffer::getGLBufferBinding ( void  ) const

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