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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::HlmsJsonPbs Class Reference

#include <OgreHlmsJsonPbs.h>

Public Member Functions

 HlmsJsonPbs (HlmsManager *hlmsManager, TextureGpuManager *textureManager, HlmsJsonListener *listener, const String &additionalExtension)
void loadMaterial (const rapidjson::Value &json, const HlmsJson::NamedBlocks &blocks, HlmsDatablock *datablock, const String &resourceGroup)
void saveMaterial (const HlmsDatablock *datablock, String &outString)

Static Public Member Functions

static void collectSamplerblocks (const HlmsDatablock *datablock, set< const HlmsSamplerblock * >::type &outSamplerblocks)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HlmsJsonPbs()

Ogre::HlmsJsonPbs::HlmsJsonPbs ( HlmsManager hlmsManager,
TextureGpuManager textureManager,
HlmsJsonListener listener,
const String additionalExtension 

Member Function Documentation

◆ collectSamplerblocks()

static void Ogre::HlmsJsonPbs::collectSamplerblocks ( const HlmsDatablock datablock,
set< const HlmsSamplerblock * >::type &  outSamplerblocks 

◆ loadMaterial()

void Ogre::HlmsJsonPbs::loadMaterial ( const rapidjson::Value json,
const HlmsJson::NamedBlocks blocks,
HlmsDatablock datablock,
const String resourceGroup 

◆ saveMaterial()

void Ogre::HlmsJsonPbs::saveMaterial ( const HlmsDatablock datablock,
String outString 

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