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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso Struct Reference

@See HlmsPso. More...

#include <OgreGLES2HlmsPso.h>

Public Attributes

GLenum blendFunc
GLenum blendFuncAlpha
GLenum cullMode
GLenum depthFunc
GLboolean depthWrite
GLenum destBlend
GLenum destBlendAlpha
bool enableAlphaBlend
GLenum polygonMode
GLenum sourceBlend
GLenum sourceBlendAlpha

Detailed Description

@See HlmsPso.

We cache some conversion values here to avoid doing it every time we set the Pso

Member Data Documentation

◆ blendFunc

GLenum Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso::blendFunc

◆ blendFuncAlpha

GLenum Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso::blendFuncAlpha

◆ cullMode

GLenum Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso::cullMode

◆ depthFunc

GLenum Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso::depthFunc

◆ depthWrite

GLboolean Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso::depthWrite

◆ destBlend

GLenum Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso::destBlend

◆ destBlendAlpha

GLenum Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso::destBlendAlpha

◆ enableAlphaBlend

bool Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso::enableAlphaBlend

◆ pixelShader

GLSLESShader* Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso::pixelShader

◆ polygonMode

GLenum Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso::polygonMode

◆ sourceBlend

GLenum Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso::sourceBlend

◆ sourceBlendAlpha

GLenum Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso::sourceBlendAlpha

◆ vertexShader

GLSLESShader* Ogre::GLES2HlmsPso::vertexShader

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