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Ogre::D3D11WindowSwapChainBased Class Referenceabstract

#include <OgreD3D11Window.h>

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Public Member Functions

 D3D11WindowSwapChainBased (const String &title, uint32 width, uint32 height, bool fullscreenMode, PixelFormatGpu depthStencilFormat, const NameValuePairList *miscParams, D3D11Device &device, D3D11RenderSystem *renderSystem)
 ~D3D11WindowSwapChainBased () override
void _initialize (TextureGpuManager *textureGpuManager) override
void destroy () override
void setFsaa (const String &fsaa) override
 Set the FSAA mode to be used if hardware support it. More...
void swapBuffers () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::D3D11Window
 D3D11Window (const String &title, uint32 width, uint32 height, bool fullscreenMode, PixelFormatGpu depthStencilFormat, const NameValuePairList *miscParams, D3D11Device &device, D3D11RenderSystem *renderSystem)
 ~D3D11Window () override
void _setVisible (bool visible) override
 Internal method to notify the window it has been obscured or minimized. More...
void getCustomAttribute (IdString name, void *pData) override
bool isClosed () const override
 Indicates whether the window has been closed by the user. More...
bool isHidden () const override
 Indicates whether the window was set to hidden (not displayed) More...
void reposition (int leftPt, int topPt) override
void setHidden (bool hidden) override
 Hide (or show) the window. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::Window
 Window (const String &title, uint32 widthPt, uint32 heightPt, bool fullscreenMode)
virtual ~Window ()
void _setPrimary ()
 Indicates that this is the primary window. More...
virtual bool canDownloadData () const
 Returns true if you can download to CPU (i.e. More...
bool getBorderless () const
TextureGpugetDepthBuffer () const
uint32 getFrequencyDenominator () const
uint32 getFrequencyNumerator () const
uint32 getHeight () const
virtual void getMetrics (uint32 &width, uint32 &height, int32 &left, int32 &top) const
 Overloaded version of getMetrics from RenderTarget, including extra details specific to windowing systems. More...
PixelFormatGpu getPixelFormat () const
uint32 getRequestedHeightPt () const
uint32 getRequestedWidthPt () const
SampleDescription getSampleDescription () const
TextureGpugetStencilBuffer () const
TextureGpugetTexture () const
 WARNING: Attempting to change the TextureGpu (e.g. More...
const StringgetTitle () const
virtual float getViewPointToPixelScale () const
 Many windowing systems that support HiDPI displays use special points to specify size of the windows and controls, so that windows and controls with hardcoded sizes does not become too small on HiDPI displays. More...
bool getVSync () const
uint32 getVSyncInterval () const
uint32 getWidth () const
bool isFocused () const
bool isFullscreen () const
 Returns true if we are currently in fullscreen mode. More...
virtual bool isManualSwapRelease () const
 Returns the value set by setManualSwapRelease when supported. More...
bool isMultisample () const
bool isPrimary () const
virtual bool isVisible () const =0
virtual void performManualRelease ()
 See Window::setManualSwapRelease. More...
virtual void reposition (int32 leftPt, int32 topPt)=0
virtual void requestFullscreenSwitch (bool goFullscreen, bool borderless, uint32 monitorIdx, uint32 widthPt, uint32 heightPt, uint32 frequencyNumerator, uint32 frequencyDenominator)
 Requests to toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode. More...
virtual void requestResolution (uint32 widthPt, uint32 heightPt)
 Requests a change in resolution. More...
virtual void setBorderless (bool borderless)
virtual void setFocused (bool focused)
virtual void setManualSwapRelease (bool bManualRelease)
 Metal doesn't want us to hold on to a drawable after presenting. More...
virtual void setTitle (const String &title)
virtual void setVSync (bool vSync, uint32 vSyncInterval)
 Turns VSync on/off. More...
virtual void setWantsToDownload (bool bWantsToDownload)
 On Metal you must call this function and set it to true in order to take pictures. More...
bool wantsToGoFullscreen () const
 Returns true if we are in windowed mode right now, but want to go fullscreen. More...
bool wantsToGoWindowed () const
 Returns true if we are in fullscreen mode right now, but want to go windowed mode. More...
virtual void windowMovedOrResized ()
 Notify that the window has been resized. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ D3D11WindowSwapChainBased()

Ogre::D3D11WindowSwapChainBased::D3D11WindowSwapChainBased ( const String title,
uint32  width,
uint32  height,
bool  fullscreenMode,
PixelFormatGpu  depthStencilFormat,
const NameValuePairList miscParams,
D3D11Device device,
D3D11RenderSystem renderSystem 

◆ ~D3D11WindowSwapChainBased()

Ogre::D3D11WindowSwapChainBased::~D3D11WindowSwapChainBased ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ _initialize()

void Ogre::D3D11WindowSwapChainBased::_initialize ( TextureGpuManager textureGpuManager)

Implements Ogre::Window.

◆ destroy()

void Ogre::D3D11WindowSwapChainBased::destroy ( )

Reimplemented from Ogre::D3D11Window.

◆ setFsaa()

void Ogre::D3D11WindowSwapChainBased::setFsaa ( const String fsaa)

Set the FSAA mode to be used if hardware support it.

This option will be ignored if the hardware does not support it or setting can not be changed on the fly on per-target level.

fsaaRequesed FSAA mode (
See also

Reimplemented from Ogre::Window.

◆ swapBuffers()

void Ogre::D3D11WindowSwapChainBased::swapBuffers ( )

Implements Ogre::Window.

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