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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::GL3PlusAsyncTextureTicket Class Referencefinal

See AsyncTextureTicket. More...

#include <OgreGL3PlusAsyncTextureTicket.h>

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Public Member Functions

 GL3PlusAsyncTextureTicket (uint32 width, uint32 height, uint32 depthOrSlices, TextureTypes::TextureTypes textureType, PixelFormatGpu pixelFormatFamily, GL3PlusVaoManager *vaoManager, bool supportsGetTextureSubImage)
 ~GL3PlusAsyncTextureTicket () override
bool queryIsTransferDone () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::AsyncTextureTicket
 AsyncTextureTicket (uint32 width, uint32 height, uint32 depthOrSlices, TextureTypes::TextureTypes textureType, PixelFormatGpu pixelFormatFamily)
 ~AsyncTextureTicket () override
virtual bool canMapMoreThanOneSlice () const
 See Image2::convertFromTexture for an example of how to use AyncTextureTicket. More...
void download (TextureGpu *textureSrc, uint8 mipLevel, bool accurateTracking, TextureBox *srcBox=0, bool bImmediate=false)
 Downloads textureSrc into this ticket. More...
size_t getBytesPerImage () const
uint32 getBytesPerRow () const
uint32 getDepth () const
 For TypeCube & TypeCubeArray, this value returns 1. More...
uint32 getDepthOrSlices () const
uint32 getHeight () const
uint32 getNumSlices () const
 For TypeCube this value returns 6. More...
PixelFormatGpu getPixelFormatFamily () const
uint32 getWidth () const
TextureBox map (uint32 slice)
 Maps the buffer for CPU access. More...
void notifyTextureChanged (TextureGpu *texture, TextureGpuListener::Reason reason, void *extraData) override
 TextureGpuListener overload. More...
void unmap ()
 Unmaps the pointer mapped with map(). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::TextureGpuListener
virtual ~TextureGpuListener ()
virtual bool shouldStayLoaded (TextureGpu *texture)
 Return true if this TextureGpu should likely stay loaded or else graphical changes could occur. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Ogre::AsyncTextureTicket
enum  Status { Ready , Downloading , Mapped }
- Public Types inherited from Ogre::TextureGpuListener
enum  Reason {
  Unknown , FromStorageToSysRam , FromSysRamToStorage , GainedResidency ,
  LostResidency , PoolTextureSlotChanged , ResidentToSysRamSync , MetadataCacheOutOfDate ,
  ExceptionThrown , FsaaSettingAlteredByApi , ReadyForRendering , Deleted

Detailed Description

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GL3PlusAsyncTextureTicket()

Ogre::GL3PlusAsyncTextureTicket::GL3PlusAsyncTextureTicket ( uint32  width,
uint32  height,
uint32  depthOrSlices,
TextureTypes::TextureTypes  textureType,
PixelFormatGpu  pixelFormatFamily,
GL3PlusVaoManager vaoManager,
bool  supportsGetTextureSubImage 

◆ ~GL3PlusAsyncTextureTicket()

Ogre::GL3PlusAsyncTextureTicket::~GL3PlusAsyncTextureTicket ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ queryIsTransferDone()

bool Ogre::GL3PlusAsyncTextureTicket::queryIsTransferDone ( )

Reimplemented from Ogre::AsyncTextureTicket.

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