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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager Class Reference

#include <OgreGL3PlusVaoManager.h>

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struct  Block
struct  StrideChanger

Public Types

typedef vector< Block >::type BlockVec
typedef vector< StrideChanger >::type StrideChangerVec
- Public Types inherited from Ogre::VaoManager
typedef vector< MemoryStatsEntry >::type MemoryStatsEntryVec

Public Member Functions

 GL3PlusVaoManager (bool supportsArbBufferStorage, bool emulateTexBuffers, bool supportsIndirectBuffers, bool _supportsBaseInstance, bool supportsSsbo, const NameValuePairList *params)
 ~GL3PlusVaoManager () override
void _update () override
void bindDrawId ()
 Binds the Draw ID to the currently bound vertex array object. More...
void cleanupEmptyPools () override
 Frees GPU memory if there are empty, unused pools. More...
AsyncTicketPtr createAsyncTicket (BufferPacked *creator, StagingBuffer *stagingBuffer, size_t elementStart, size_t elementCount) override
StagingBuffercreateStagingBuffer (size_t sizeBytes, bool forUpload) override
 Creates a new staging buffer and adds it to the pool. More...
GL3PlusStagingTexturecreateStagingTexture (PixelFormatGpu formatFamily, size_t sizeBytes)
 See GL3PlusTextureGpuManager::createStagingTextureImpl. More...
void destroyStagingTexture (GL3PlusStagingTexture *stagingTexture)
 Important: Does not delete the stagingTexture. More...
GLint getMaxVertexAttribs () const
void getMemoryStats (MemoryStatsEntryVec &outStats, size_t &outCapacityBytes, size_t &outFreeBytes, Log *log, bool &outIncludesTextures) const override
 Retrieves memory stats about our GPU pools being managed. More...
bool isFrameFinished (uint32 frameCount) override
 See VaoManager::isFrameFinished. More...
bool supportsArbBufferStorage () const
void waitForSpecificFrameToFinish (uint32 frameCount) override
 See VaoManager::waitForSpecificFrameToFinish. More...
uint8 waitForTailFrameToFinish () override
 See VaoManager::waitForTailFrameToFinish. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::VaoManager
 VaoManager (const NameValuePairList *params)
virtual ~VaoManager ()
virtual void _beginFrame ()
uint8 _getDynamicBufferCurrentFrameNoWait () const
void _notifyStagingBufferEnteredZeroRef (StagingBuffer *stagingBuffer)
void _notifyStagingBufferLeftZeroRef (StagingBuffer *stagingBuffer)
virtual void _waitUntilCommitedCommandBufferCompleted ()
 Waits for the last committed command buffer completion instead of the last frame completion with command buffer switching, so we can continue to work with current command buffer. More...
ConstBufferPackedcreateConstBuffer (size_t sizeBytes, BufferType bufferType, void *initialData, bool keepAsShadow)
 Creates an constant buffer based on the given parameters. More...
IndexBufferPackedcreateIndexBuffer (IndexBufferPacked::IndexType indexType, size_t numIndices, BufferType bufferType, void *initialData, bool keepAsShadow)
 Creates an index buffer based on the given parameters. More...
IndirectBufferPackedcreateIndirectBuffer (size_t sizeBytes, BufferType bufferType, void *initialData, bool keepAsShadow)
 Creates an indirect buffer. More...
ReadOnlyBufferPackedcreateReadOnlyBuffer (PixelFormatGpu pixelFormat, size_t sizeBytes, BufferType bufferType, void *initialData, bool keepAsShadow)
 Creates a read-only buffer based on the given parameters. More...
TexBufferPackedcreateTexBuffer (PixelFormatGpu pixelFormat, size_t sizeBytes, BufferType bufferType, void *initialData, bool keepAsShadow)
 Creates an constant buffer based on the given parameters. More...
UavBufferPackedcreateUavBuffer (size_t numElements, uint32 bytesPerElement, uint32 bindFlags, void *initialData, bool keepAsShadow)
 Creates an UAV buffer based on the given parameters. More...
VertexArrayObjectcreateVertexArrayObject (const VertexBufferPackedVec &vertexBuffers, IndexBufferPacked *indexBuffer, OperationType opType)
 Creates a VertexArrayObject that binds all the vertex buffers with their respective declarations, and the index buffers. More...
VertexBufferPackedcreateVertexBuffer (const VertexElement2Vec &vertexElements, size_t numVertices, BufferType bufferType, void *initialData, bool keepAsShadow)
 Creates a vertex buffer based on the given parameters. More...
void deleteStagingBuffers ()
void destroyConstBuffer (ConstBufferPacked *constBuffer)
 Destroys the given constant buffer created with createConstBuffer. More...
void destroyIndexBuffer (IndexBufferPacked *indexBuffer)
 Destroys the given index buffer created with createIndexBuffer. More...
void destroyIndirectBuffer (IndirectBufferPacked *indirectBuffer)
 Destroys the given indirect buffer created with createIndirectBuffer. More...
void destroyReadOnlyBuffer (ReadOnlyBufferPacked *readOnlyBuffer)
 Destroys the given texture buffer created with createReadOnlyBuffer. More...
void destroyTexBuffer (TexBufferPacked *texBuffer)
 Destroys the given texture buffer created with createTexBuffer. More...
void destroyUavBuffer (UavBufferPacked *uavBuffer)
 Destroys the given UAV buffer created with createUavBuffer. More...
void destroyVertexArrayObject (VertexArrayObject *vao)
 Destroys the input pointer. More...
void destroyVertexBuffer (VertexBufferPacked *vertexBuffer)
 Destroys the given vertex buffer created with createVertexBuffer. More...
uint32 getConstBufferAlignment () const
size_t getConstBufferMaxSize () const
uint32 getDefaultStagingBufferLifetime () const
uint32 getDefaultStagingBufferUnfencedTime () const
uint8 getDynamicBufferMultiplier () const
uint32 getFrameCount ()
size_t getReadOnlyBufferMaxSize () const
StagingBuffergetStagingBuffer (size_t minSizeBytes, bool forUpload)
 Retrieves a staging buffer for use. More...
uint32 getTexBufferAlignment () const
size_t getTexBufferMaxSize () const
TimergetTimer ()
uint32 getUavBufferAlignment () const
size_t getUavBufferMaxSize () const
bool readOnlyIsTexBuffer () const
 When true, ReadOnlyBufferPacked behaves like TexBufferPacked, i.e. More...
void setDefaultStagingBufferlifetime (uint32 lifetime, uint32 unfencedTime)
 Sets the default time for staging buffers. More...
bool supportsBaseInstance () const
bool supportsIndirectBuffers () const
 When false, IndirectBufferPacked will emulate the mapping behavior, and we need to use the emulated calls in RenderSystem. More...
bool supportsPersistentMapping () const

Static Public Member Functions

static GLuint getAttributeIndexFor (VertexElementSemantic semantic)
static void mergeContiguousBlocks (BlockVec::iterator blockToMerge, BlockVec &blocks)
static GLsync waitFor (GLsync fenceName)
 Will stall undefinitely until GPU finishes (signals the sync object). More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::VaoManager
static uint32 calculateVertexSize (const VertexElement2Vec &vertexElements)
 Returns the size of a single vertex buffer source with the given declaration, in bytes. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ BlockVec

◆ StrideChangerVec

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GL3PlusVaoManager()

Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::GL3PlusVaoManager ( bool  supportsArbBufferStorage,
bool  emulateTexBuffers,
bool  supportsIndirectBuffers,
bool  _supportsBaseInstance,
bool  supportsSsbo,
const NameValuePairList params 

◆ ~GL3PlusVaoManager()

Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::~GL3PlusVaoManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ _update()

void Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::_update ( )

Reimplemented from Ogre::VaoManager.

◆ bindDrawId()

void Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::bindDrawId ( )

Binds the Draw ID to the currently bound vertex array object.

◆ cleanupEmptyPools()

void Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::cleanupEmptyPools ( )

Frees GPU memory if there are empty, unused pools.

Implements Ogre::VaoManager.

◆ createAsyncTicket()

AsyncTicketPtr Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::createAsyncTicket ( BufferPacked creator,
StagingBuffer stagingBuffer,
size_t  elementStart,
size_t  elementCount 

Implements Ogre::VaoManager.

◆ createStagingBuffer()

StagingBuffer* Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::createStagingBuffer ( size_t  sizeBytes,
bool  forUpload 

Creates a new staging buffer and adds it to the pool.

See also
The returned buffer starts with a reference count of 1. You should decrease it when you're done using it.

Implements Ogre::VaoManager.

◆ createStagingTexture()

GL3PlusStagingTexture* Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::createStagingTexture ( PixelFormatGpu  formatFamily,
size_t  sizeBytes 

See GL3PlusTextureGpuManager::createStagingTextureImpl.

TextureManager delegates to the VaoManager because behind the scenes, in GL StagingTextures are just a buffer with CPU access. However we won't track them, so it's the TextureManager's job to call destroyStagingTexture before the VaoManager gets deleted. This case is more of an exception because of D3D11.

◆ destroyStagingTexture()

void Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::destroyStagingTexture ( GL3PlusStagingTexture stagingTexture)

Important: Does not delete the stagingTexture.

The TextureManager should do that. Caller is also responsible for ensuring it is safe to destroy stagingTexture (i.e. no hazards).

◆ getAttributeIndexFor()

static GLuint Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::getAttributeIndexFor ( VertexElementSemantic  semantic)

◆ getMaxVertexAttribs()

GLint Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::getMaxVertexAttribs ( ) const

◆ getMemoryStats()

void Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::getMemoryStats ( MemoryStatsEntryVec outStats,
size_t &  outCapacityBytes,
size_t &  outFreeBytes,
Log log,
bool &  outIncludesTextures 
) const

Retrieves memory stats about our GPU pools being managed.

The output in the Log will be csv data that resembles the following: Pool Type Offset Bytes Pool Capacity CPU_INACCESSIBLE 0 148128 67108864 CPU_INACCESSIBLE 200000 1024 67108864 CPU_ACCESSIBLE_PERSISTENT 0 1152 16777216

These are the chunks of memory currently in use. If there are multiple entries belonging to the same pool, that means the memory has been fragmented.

The actual output may vary depending on the RenderSystem.

Worst case scenario this function has O(N^2) complexity where N is the number of free blocks.
outStatsDetailed information about each entry.
outCapacityBytesTotal capacity i.e. total used VRAM in GPU.
outFreeBytesTotal free memory available for consumption.
logOptional to dump all information to a CSV file. Nullptr to avoid dumping.
outIncludesTextures[out] When true, memory reports in outCapacityBytes & outFreeBytes include textures. See Tutorial_Memory on how to deal with this output.

Note outIncludesTextures may be false but some entries in outStats[n].bPoolHasTextures may be true. If this happens, then outCapacityBytes & outFreeBytes don't include texture consumption; but the pools with bPoolHasTextures in MemoryStatsEntryVec may.

Implements Ogre::VaoManager.

◆ isFrameFinished()

bool Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::isFrameFinished ( uint32  frameCount)

◆ mergeContiguousBlocks()

static void Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::mergeContiguousBlocks ( BlockVec::iterator  blockToMerge,
BlockVec blocks 
See also

◆ supportsArbBufferStorage()

bool Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::supportsArbBufferStorage ( ) const

◆ waitFor()

static GLsync Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::waitFor ( GLsync  fenceName)

Will stall undefinitely until GPU finishes (signals the sync object).

fenceNameSync object to wait for. Will be deleted on success. On failure, throws an exception and fenceName will not be deleted.
Null ptr on success. Should throw on failure, but if this function for some strange reason doesn't throw, it is programmed to return 'fenceName'

◆ waitForSpecificFrameToFinish()

void Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::waitForSpecificFrameToFinish ( uint32  frameCount)

◆ waitForTailFrameToFinish()

uint8 Ogre::GL3PlusVaoManager::waitForTailFrameToFinish ( )

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