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Ogre::WaveformControllerFunction Class Reference

Predefined controller function based on a waveform. More...

#include <OgrePredefinedControllers.h>

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Public Member Functions

 WaveformControllerFunction (WaveformType wType, Real base=0, Real frequency=1, Real phase=0, Real amplitude=1, bool deltaInput=true, Real dutyCycle=0.5)
 Default constructor, requires at least a wave type, other parameters can be defaulted unless required. More...
Real calculate (Real source) override
 Overridden function. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::ControllerFunction< Real >
 ControllerFunction (bool deltaInput)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~ControllerFunction ()

Detailed Description

Predefined controller function based on a waveform.

A waveform function translates parametric input to parametric output based on a wave. The factors affecting the function are:
  • wave type - the shape of the wave
  • base - the base value of the output from the wave
  • frequency - the speed of the wave in cycles per second
  • phase - the offset of the start of the wave, e.g. 0.5 to start half-way through the wave
  • amplitude - scales the output so that instead of lying within [0,1] it lies within [0,1] * amplitude
  • duty cycle - the active width of a PWM signal
Note that for simplicity of integration with the rest of the controller insfrastructure, the output of the wave is parametric i.e. 0..1, rather than the typical wave output of [-1,1]. To compensate for this, the traditional output of the wave is scaled by the following function before output:
output = (waveoutput + 1) * 0.5
Hence a wave output of -1 becomes 0, a wave output of 1 becomes 1, and a wave output of 0 becomes 0.5.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ WaveformControllerFunction()

Ogre::WaveformControllerFunction::WaveformControllerFunction ( WaveformType  wType,
Real  base = 0,
Real  frequency = 1,
Real  phase = 0,
Real  amplitude = 1,
bool  deltaInput = true,
Real  dutyCycle = 0.5 

Default constructor, requires at least a wave type, other parameters can be defaulted unless required.

deltaInputIf true, signifies that the input will be a delta value such that the function should add it to an internal counter before calculating the output.
dutyCycleUsed in PWM mode to specify the pulse width.

Member Function Documentation

◆ calculate()

Real Ogre::WaveformControllerFunction::calculate ( Real  source)

Overridden function.

Implements Ogre::ControllerFunction< Real >.

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