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Ogre::v1::MeshSerializerImpl Class Reference

Internal implementation of Mesh reading / writing for the latest version of the .mesh format. More...

#include <OgreMeshSerializerImpl.h>

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Public Member Functions

 MeshSerializerImpl ()
virtual ~MeshSerializerImpl ()
void exportMesh (const Mesh *pMesh, DataStreamPtr stream, Endian endianMode=ENDIAN_NATIVE)
 Exports a mesh to the file specified. More...
void importMesh (DataStreamPtr &stream, Mesh *pDest, MeshSerializerListener *listener)
 Imports Mesh and (optionally) Material data from a .mesh file DataStream. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::Serializer
 Serializer ()
virtual ~Serializer ()

Additional Inherited Members

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 The endianness of written files. More...

Detailed Description

Internal implementation of Mesh reading / writing for the latest version of the .mesh format.

In order to maintain compatibility with older versions of the .mesh format, there will be alternative subclasses of this class to load older versions, whilst this class will remain to load the latest version.
This mesh format was used from Ogre v1.10.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MeshSerializerImpl()

Ogre::v1::MeshSerializerImpl::MeshSerializerImpl ( )

◆ ~MeshSerializerImpl()

virtual Ogre::v1::MeshSerializerImpl::~MeshSerializerImpl ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ exportMesh()

void Ogre::v1::MeshSerializerImpl::exportMesh ( const Mesh pMesh,
DataStreamPtr  stream,
Endian  endianMode = ENDIAN_NATIVE 

Exports a mesh to the file specified.

This method takes an externally created Mesh object, and exports both it and optionally the Materials it uses to a .mesh file.
pMeshPointer to the Mesh to export
streamThe destination stream
endianModeThe endian mode for the written file

◆ importMesh()

void Ogre::v1::MeshSerializerImpl::importMesh ( DataStreamPtr stream,
Mesh pDest,
MeshSerializerListener listener 

Imports Mesh and (optionally) Material data from a .mesh file DataStream.

This method imports data from a DataStream opened from a .mesh file and places it's contents into the Mesh object which is passed in.
streamThe DataStream holding the .mesh data. Must be initialised (pos at the start of the buffer).
pDestPointer to the Mesh object which will receive the data. Should be blank already.

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