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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::LodData::Triangle Struct Reference

#include <OgreLodData.h>

Public Member Functions

void computeNormal (const VertexList &vertexList)
unsigned int getVertexID (const VertexI vi) const
bool hasVertex (const VertexI vi) const
bool isMalformed ()
bool isRemoved () const
void setRemoved ()
unsigned int submeshID () const

Public Attributes

Vector3 normal
unsigned int submeshIDOrRemovedTag
 ID of the submesh. More...
VertexI vertexi [3]
unsigned int vertexID [3]
 Vertex ID in the buffer associated with the submeshID. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ computeNormal()

void Ogre::LodData::Triangle::computeNormal ( const VertexList vertexList)

◆ getVertexID()

unsigned int Ogre::LodData::Triangle::getVertexID ( const VertexI  vi) const

◆ hasVertex()

bool Ogre::LodData::Triangle::hasVertex ( const VertexI  vi) const

◆ isMalformed()

bool Ogre::LodData::Triangle::isMalformed ( )

◆ isRemoved()

bool Ogre::LodData::Triangle::isRemoved ( ) const

◆ setRemoved()

void Ogre::LodData::Triangle::setRemoved ( )

◆ submeshID()

unsigned int Ogre::LodData::Triangle::submeshID ( ) const

References OgreAssert.

Member Data Documentation

◆ normal

Vector3 Ogre::LodData::Triangle::normal

◆ submeshIDOrRemovedTag

unsigned int Ogre::LodData::Triangle::submeshIDOrRemovedTag

ID of the submesh.

Usable with mMesh.getSubMesh() function. Holds ~0U for removed triangles

◆ vertexi

VertexI Ogre::LodData::Triangle::vertexi[3]

◆ vertexID

unsigned int Ogre::LodData::Triangle::vertexID[3]

Vertex ID in the buffer associated with the submeshID.

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