OGRE  13.6
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::AutoParamDataSource Class Reference

This utility class is used to hold the information used to generate the matrices and other information required to automatically populate GpuProgramParameters. More...

#include <OgreAutoParamDataSource.h>

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Public Member Functions

 AutoParamDataSource ()
const ColourValuegetAmbientLightColour (void) const
const Affine3getBoneMatrixArray (void) const
size_t getBoneMatrixCount (void) const
const Vector4getCameraPosition (void) const
const Vector4getCameraPositionObjectSpace (void) const
const Vector4 getCameraRelativePosition (void) const
Real getCosTime_0_1 (Real x) const
Real getCosTime_0_2Pi (Real x) const
Real getCosTime_0_X (Real x) const
const CameragetCurrentCamera () const
 Returns the current bounded camera. More...
const PassgetCurrentPass (void) const
const RenderablegetCurrentRenderable (void) const
const RenderTargetgetCurrentRenderTarget (void) const
ColourValue getDerivedAmbientLightColour (void) const
ColourValue getDerivedSceneColour (void) const
Real getFarClipDistance () const
const ColourValuegetFogColour (void) const
const Vector4fgetFogParams (void) const
Real getFOV () const
Real getFPS () const
Real getFrameTime (void) const
Matrix4 getInverseProjectionMatrix () const
Vector4f getInverseTextureSize (size_t index) const
Matrix4 getInverseTransposeProjectionMatrix () const
Matrix4 getInverseTransposeViewMatrix () const
Matrix4 getInverseTransposeViewProjMatrix () const
const Matrix4getInverseTransposeWorldMatrix (void) const
const Matrix4getInverseTransposeWorldViewMatrix (void) const
Matrix4 getInverseTransposeWorldViewProjMatrix () const
const Affine3getInverseViewMatrix (void) const
Real getInverseViewportHeight () const
Real getInverseViewportWidth () const
Matrix4 getInverseViewProjMatrix (void) const
const Affine3getInverseWorldMatrix (void) const
const Affine3getInverseWorldViewMatrix (void) const
Matrix4 getInverseWorldViewProjMatrix () const
Vector4 getLightAs4DVector (size_t index) const
const Vector4fgetLightAttenuation (size_t index) const
float getLightCastsShadows (size_t index) const
float getLightCount () const
const ColourValuegetLightDiffuseColour (size_t index) const
const ColourValue getLightDiffuseColourWithPower (size_t index) const
Vector3 getLightDirection (size_t index) const
float getLightNumber (size_t index) const
 Get the light which is 'index'th closest to the current object. More...
Vector3 getLightPosition (size_t index) const
Real getLightPowerScale (size_t index) const
const ColourValuegetLightSpecularColour (size_t index) const
const ColourValue getLightSpecularColourWithPower (size_t index) const
const Vector4getLodCameraPosition (void) const
const Vector4getLodCameraPositionObjectSpace (void) const
Real getNearClipDistance () const
Vector4f getPackedTextureSize (size_t index) const
int getPassNumber (void) const
const Vector4fgetPointParams () const
const Matrix4getProjectionMatrix (void) const
const Vector4getSceneDepthRange () const
const ColourValuegetShadowColour () const
Real getShadowExtrusionDistance (void) const
const Vector4getShadowSceneDepthRange (size_t index) const
Real getSinTime_0_1 (Real x) const
Real getSinTime_0_2Pi (Real x) const
Real getSinTime_0_X (Real x) const
Vector4f getSpotlightParams (size_t index) const
const Matrix4getSpotlightViewProjMatrix (size_t index) const
const Matrix4getSpotlightWorldViewProjMatrix (size_t index) const
Real getSurfaceAlphaRejectionValue (void) const
const ColourValuegetSurfaceAmbientColour (void) const
const ColourValuegetSurfaceDiffuseColour (void) const
const ColourValuegetSurfaceEmissiveColour (void) const
Real getSurfaceShininess (void) const
const ColourValuegetSurfaceSpecularColour (void) const
Real getTanTime_0_1 (Real x) const
Real getTanTime_0_2Pi (Real x) const
Real getTanTime_0_X (Real x) const
Vector4f getTextureSize (size_t index) const
const Matrix4getTextureTransformMatrix (size_t index) const
const Matrix4getTextureViewProjMatrix (size_t index) const
const Matrix4getTextureWorldViewProjMatrix (size_t index) const
Real getTime (void) const
Real getTime_0_1 (Real x) const
Vector4f getTime_0_1_packed (Real x) const
Real getTime_0_2Pi (Real x) const
Vector4f getTime_0_2Pi_packed (Real x) const
Real getTime_0_X (Real x) const
Vector4f getTime_0_X_packed (Real x) const
Matrix4 getTransposeProjectionMatrix () const
Matrix4 getTransposeViewMatrix () const
Matrix4 getTransposeViewProjMatrix () const
Matrix4 getTransposeWorldMatrix () const
Matrix4 getTransposeWorldViewMatrix () const
Matrix4 getTransposeWorldViewProjMatrix () const
Vector3 getViewDirection () const
const Affine3getViewMatrix (void) const
Real getViewportHeight () const
Real getViewportWidth () const
const Matrix4getViewProjectionMatrix (void) const
Vector3 getViewSideVector () const
Vector3 getViewUpVector () const
const Affine3getWorldMatrix (void) const
const Affine3getWorldMatrixArray (void) const
size_t getWorldMatrixCount (void) const
const Affine3getWorldViewMatrix (void) const
const Matrix4getWorldViewProjMatrix (void) const
bool hasLightList () const
void incPassNumber (void)
void setAmbientLightColour (const ColourValue &ambient)
void setCurrentCamera (const Camera *cam, bool useCameraRelative)
 Updates the current camera. More...
void setCurrentLightList (const LightList *ll)
 Sets the light list that should be used, and it's base index from the global list. More...
void setCurrentPass (const Pass *pass)
 Sets the current pass. More...
void setCurrentRenderable (const Renderable *rend)
 Updates the current renderable. More...
void setCurrentRenderTarget (const RenderTarget *target)
 Sets the current render target. More...
void setCurrentSceneManager (const SceneManager *sm)
 Set the current scene manager for enquiring on demand. More...
void setCurrentViewport (const Viewport *viewport)
 Sets the current viewport. More...
void setFog (FogMode mode, const ColourValue &colour, Real expDensity, Real linearStart, Real linearEnd)
void setMainCamBoundsInfo (VisibleObjectsBoundsInfo *info)
 Sets the main camera's scene bounding information. More...
void setPassNumber (const int passNumber)
void setPointParameters (bool attenuation, const Vector4f &params)
void setShadowDirLightExtrusionDistance (Real dist)
 Sets the shadow extrusion distance to be used for dir lights. More...
void setShadowPointLightExtrusionDistance (Real dist)
 Sets the shadow extrusion distance to be used for point lights. More...
void setTextureProjector (const Frustum *frust, size_t index)
 Sets the current texture projector for a index. More...
void setWorldMatrices (const Affine3 *m, size_t count)
 Sets the world matrices, avoid query from renderable again. More...
void updateLightCustomGpuParameter (const GpuProgramParameters::AutoConstantEntry &constantEntry, GpuProgramParameters *params) const

Detailed Description

This utility class is used to hold the information used to generate the matrices and other information required to automatically populate GpuProgramParameters.

This class exercises a lazy-update scheme in order to avoid having to update all the information a GpuProgramParameters class could possibly want all the time. It relies on the SceneManager to update it when the base data has changed, and will calculate concatenated matrices etc only when required, passing back precalculated matrices when they are requested more than once when the underlying information has not altered.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AutoParamDataSource()

Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::AutoParamDataSource ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ setCurrentRenderable()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentRenderable ( const Renderable rend)

Updates the current renderable.

◆ setWorldMatrices()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setWorldMatrices ( const Affine3 m,
size_t  count 

Sets the world matrices, avoid query from renderable again.

◆ setCurrentCamera()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentCamera ( const Camera cam,
bool  useCameraRelative 

Updates the current camera.

◆ setCurrentLightList()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentLightList ( const LightList ll)

Sets the light list that should be used, and it's base index from the global list.

◆ setTextureProjector()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setTextureProjector ( const Frustum frust,
size_t  index 

Sets the current texture projector for a index.

◆ setCurrentRenderTarget()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentRenderTarget ( const RenderTarget target)

Sets the current render target.

◆ setCurrentViewport()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentViewport ( const Viewport viewport)

Sets the current viewport.

◆ setShadowDirLightExtrusionDistance()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setShadowDirLightExtrusionDistance ( Real  dist)

Sets the shadow extrusion distance to be used for dir lights.

◆ setShadowPointLightExtrusionDistance()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setShadowPointLightExtrusionDistance ( Real  dist)

Sets the shadow extrusion distance to be used for point lights.

◆ setMainCamBoundsInfo()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setMainCamBoundsInfo ( VisibleObjectsBoundsInfo info)

Sets the main camera's scene bounding information.

◆ setCurrentSceneManager()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentSceneManager ( const SceneManager sm)

Set the current scene manager for enquiring on demand.

◆ setCurrentPass()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setCurrentPass ( const Pass pass)

Sets the current pass.

◆ getCurrentCamera()

const Camera* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCurrentCamera ( ) const

Returns the current bounded camera.

◆ getWorldMatrix()

const Affine3& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getWorldMatrix ( void  ) const

◆ getBoneMatrixArray()

const Affine3* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getBoneMatrixArray ( void  ) const

◆ getWorldMatrixArray()

const Affine3* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getWorldMatrixArray ( void  ) const

◆ getBoneMatrixCount()

size_t Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getBoneMatrixCount ( void  ) const

◆ getWorldMatrixCount()

size_t Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getWorldMatrixCount ( void  ) const

◆ getViewMatrix()

const Affine3& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewMatrix ( void  ) const

◆ getViewProjectionMatrix()

const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewProjectionMatrix ( void  ) const

◆ getProjectionMatrix()

const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getProjectionMatrix ( void  ) const

◆ getWorldViewProjMatrix()

const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getWorldViewProjMatrix ( void  ) const

◆ getWorldViewMatrix()

const Affine3& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getWorldViewMatrix ( void  ) const

◆ getInverseWorldMatrix()

const Affine3& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseWorldMatrix ( void  ) const

◆ getInverseWorldViewMatrix()

const Affine3& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseWorldViewMatrix ( void  ) const

◆ getInverseViewMatrix()

const Affine3& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseViewMatrix ( void  ) const

◆ getInverseTransposeWorldMatrix()

const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTransposeWorldMatrix ( void  ) const

◆ getInverseTransposeWorldViewMatrix()

const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTransposeWorldViewMatrix ( void  ) const

◆ getCameraPosition()

const Vector4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCameraPosition ( void  ) const

◆ getCameraPositionObjectSpace()

const Vector4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCameraPositionObjectSpace ( void  ) const

◆ getCameraRelativePosition()

const Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCameraRelativePosition ( void  ) const

◆ getLodCameraPosition()

const Vector4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLodCameraPosition ( void  ) const

◆ getLodCameraPositionObjectSpace()

const Vector4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLodCameraPositionObjectSpace ( void  ) const

◆ hasLightList()

bool Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::hasLightList ( ) const

◆ getLightNumber()

float Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightNumber ( size_t  index) const

Get the light which is 'index'th closest to the current object.

◆ getLightCount()

float Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightCount ( ) const

◆ getLightCastsShadows()

float Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightCastsShadows ( size_t  index) const

◆ getLightDiffuseColour()

const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightDiffuseColour ( size_t  index) const

◆ getLightSpecularColour()

const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightSpecularColour ( size_t  index) const

◆ getLightDiffuseColourWithPower()

const ColourValue Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightDiffuseColourWithPower ( size_t  index) const

◆ getLightSpecularColourWithPower()

const ColourValue Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightSpecularColourWithPower ( size_t  index) const

◆ getLightPosition()

Vector3 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightPosition ( size_t  index) const

◆ getLightAs4DVector()

Vector4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightAs4DVector ( size_t  index) const

◆ getLightDirection()

Vector3 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightDirection ( size_t  index) const

◆ getLightPowerScale()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightPowerScale ( size_t  index) const

◆ getLightAttenuation()

const Vector4f& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getLightAttenuation ( size_t  index) const

◆ getSpotlightParams()

Vector4f Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSpotlightParams ( size_t  index) const

◆ setAmbientLightColour()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setAmbientLightColour ( const ColourValue ambient)

◆ getAmbientLightColour()

const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getAmbientLightColour ( void  ) const

◆ getSurfaceAmbientColour()

const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSurfaceAmbientColour ( void  ) const

◆ getSurfaceDiffuseColour()

const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSurfaceDiffuseColour ( void  ) const

◆ getSurfaceSpecularColour()

const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSurfaceSpecularColour ( void  ) const

◆ getSurfaceEmissiveColour()

const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSurfaceEmissiveColour ( void  ) const

◆ getSurfaceShininess()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSurfaceShininess ( void  ) const

◆ getSurfaceAlphaRejectionValue()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSurfaceAlphaRejectionValue ( void  ) const

◆ getDerivedAmbientLightColour()

ColourValue Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getDerivedAmbientLightColour ( void  ) const

◆ getDerivedSceneColour()

ColourValue Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getDerivedSceneColour ( void  ) const

◆ setFog()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setFog ( FogMode  mode,
const ColourValue colour,
Real  expDensity,
Real  linearStart,
Real  linearEnd 

◆ getFogColour()

const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getFogColour ( void  ) const

◆ getFogParams()

const Vector4f& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getFogParams ( void  ) const

◆ setPointParameters()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setPointParameters ( bool  attenuation,
const Vector4f params 

◆ getPointParams()

const Vector4f& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getPointParams ( ) const

◆ getTextureViewProjMatrix()

const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTextureViewProjMatrix ( size_t  index) const

◆ getTextureWorldViewProjMatrix()

const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTextureWorldViewProjMatrix ( size_t  index) const

◆ getSpotlightViewProjMatrix()

const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSpotlightViewProjMatrix ( size_t  index) const

◆ getSpotlightWorldViewProjMatrix()

const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSpotlightWorldViewProjMatrix ( size_t  index) const

◆ getTextureTransformMatrix()

const Matrix4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTextureTransformMatrix ( size_t  index) const

◆ getCurrentRenderTarget()

const RenderTarget* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCurrentRenderTarget ( void  ) const

◆ getCurrentRenderable()

const Renderable* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCurrentRenderable ( void  ) const

◆ getCurrentPass()

const Pass* Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCurrentPass ( void  ) const

◆ getTextureSize()

Vector4f Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTextureSize ( size_t  index) const

◆ getInverseTextureSize()

Vector4f Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTextureSize ( size_t  index) const

◆ getPackedTextureSize()

Vector4f Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getPackedTextureSize ( size_t  index) const

◆ getShadowExtrusionDistance()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getShadowExtrusionDistance ( void  ) const

◆ getSceneDepthRange()

const Vector4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSceneDepthRange ( ) const

◆ getShadowSceneDepthRange()

const Vector4& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getShadowSceneDepthRange ( size_t  index) const

◆ getShadowColour()

const ColourValue& Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getShadowColour ( ) const

◆ getInverseViewProjMatrix()

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseViewProjMatrix ( void  ) const

◆ getInverseTransposeViewProjMatrix()

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTransposeViewProjMatrix ( ) const

◆ getTransposeViewProjMatrix()

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTransposeViewProjMatrix ( ) const

◆ getTransposeViewMatrix()

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTransposeViewMatrix ( ) const

◆ getInverseTransposeViewMatrix()

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTransposeViewMatrix ( ) const

◆ getTransposeProjectionMatrix()

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTransposeProjectionMatrix ( ) const

◆ getInverseProjectionMatrix()

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseProjectionMatrix ( ) const

◆ getInverseTransposeProjectionMatrix()

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTransposeProjectionMatrix ( ) const

◆ getTransposeWorldViewProjMatrix()

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTransposeWorldViewProjMatrix ( ) const

◆ getInverseWorldViewProjMatrix()

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseWorldViewProjMatrix ( ) const

◆ getInverseTransposeWorldViewProjMatrix()

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseTransposeWorldViewProjMatrix ( ) const

◆ getTransposeWorldViewMatrix()

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTransposeWorldViewMatrix ( ) const

◆ getTransposeWorldMatrix()

Matrix4 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTransposeWorldMatrix ( ) const

◆ getTime()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime ( void  ) const

◆ getTime_0_X()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime_0_X ( Real  x) const

◆ getCosTime_0_X()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCosTime_0_X ( Real  x) const

◆ getSinTime_0_X()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSinTime_0_X ( Real  x) const

◆ getTanTime_0_X()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTanTime_0_X ( Real  x) const

◆ getTime_0_X_packed()

Vector4f Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime_0_X_packed ( Real  x) const

◆ getTime_0_1()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime_0_1 ( Real  x) const

◆ getCosTime_0_1()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCosTime_0_1 ( Real  x) const

◆ getSinTime_0_1()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSinTime_0_1 ( Real  x) const

◆ getTanTime_0_1()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTanTime_0_1 ( Real  x) const

◆ getTime_0_1_packed()

Vector4f Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime_0_1_packed ( Real  x) const

◆ getTime_0_2Pi()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime_0_2Pi ( Real  x) const

◆ getCosTime_0_2Pi()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getCosTime_0_2Pi ( Real  x) const

◆ getSinTime_0_2Pi()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getSinTime_0_2Pi ( Real  x) const

◆ getTanTime_0_2Pi()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTanTime_0_2Pi ( Real  x) const

◆ getTime_0_2Pi_packed()

Vector4f Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getTime_0_2Pi_packed ( Real  x) const

◆ getFrameTime()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getFrameTime ( void  ) const

◆ getFPS()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getFPS ( ) const

◆ getViewportWidth()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewportWidth ( ) const

◆ getViewportHeight()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewportHeight ( ) const

◆ getInverseViewportWidth()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseViewportWidth ( ) const

◆ getInverseViewportHeight()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getInverseViewportHeight ( ) const

◆ getViewDirection()

Vector3 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewDirection ( ) const

◆ getViewSideVector()

Vector3 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewSideVector ( ) const

◆ getViewUpVector()

Vector3 Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getViewUpVector ( ) const

◆ getFOV()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getFOV ( ) const

◆ getNearClipDistance()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getNearClipDistance ( ) const

◆ getFarClipDistance()

Real Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getFarClipDistance ( ) const

◆ getPassNumber()

int Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::getPassNumber ( void  ) const

◆ setPassNumber()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::setPassNumber ( const int  passNumber)

◆ incPassNumber()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::incPassNumber ( void  )

◆ updateLightCustomGpuParameter()

void Ogre::AutoParamDataSource::updateLightCustomGpuParameter ( const GpuProgramParameters::AutoConstantEntry constantEntry,
GpuProgramParameters params 
) const

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