OGRE  13.6
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::Quake3Shader Class Reference

Class for recording Quake3 shaders. More...

#include <OgreQuake3Shader.h>

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struct  Pass

Public Types

typedef std::vector< PassPassList

Public Member Functions

 Quake3Shader (const String &name)
 Default constructor - used by Quake3ShaderManager (do not call directly) More...
 ~Quake3Shader ()
MaterialPtr createAsMaterial (int lightmapNumber)
 Creates this shader as an OGRE material. More...

Public Attributes

Real cloudHeight
ManualCullingMode cullMode
DeformFunc deformFunc
Real deformParams [5]
bool farbox
String farboxName
unsigned int flags
bool fog
ColourValue fogColour
Real fogDistance
int numPasses
PassList pass
bool skyDome

Detailed Description

Class for recording Quake3 shaders.

This is a temporary holding area since shaders are actually converted into Material objects for use in the engine proper. However, because we have to read in shader definitions en masse (because they are stored in shared .shader files) without knowing which will actually be used, we store their definitions here temporarily since their instantiations as Materials would use precious resources because of the automatic loading of textures etc.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ PassList

typedef std::vector<Pass> Ogre::Quake3Shader::PassList

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Quake3Shader()

Ogre::Quake3Shader::Quake3Shader ( const String name)

Default constructor - used by Quake3ShaderManager (do not call directly)

◆ ~Quake3Shader()

Ogre::Quake3Shader::~Quake3Shader ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ createAsMaterial()

MaterialPtr Ogre::Quake3Shader::createAsMaterial ( int  lightmapNumber)

Creates this shader as an OGRE material.

Creates a new material based on this shaders settings. Material name shader::lightmap.

Member Data Documentation

◆ flags

unsigned int Ogre::Quake3Shader::flags

◆ numPasses

int Ogre::Quake3Shader::numPasses

◆ pass

PassList Ogre::Quake3Shader::pass

◆ farbox

bool Ogre::Quake3Shader::farbox

◆ farboxName

String Ogre::Quake3Shader::farboxName

◆ skyDome

bool Ogre::Quake3Shader::skyDome

◆ cloudHeight

Real Ogre::Quake3Shader::cloudHeight

◆ deformFunc

DeformFunc Ogre::Quake3Shader::deformFunc

◆ deformParams

Real Ogre::Quake3Shader::deformParams[5]

◆ cullMode

ManualCullingMode Ogre::Quake3Shader::cullMode

◆ fog

bool Ogre::Quake3Shader::fog

◆ fogColour

ColourValue Ogre::Quake3Shader::fogColour

◆ fogDistance

Real Ogre::Quake3Shader::fogDistance

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