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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::CompositorPassTargetBarrier Class Reference

#include <OgreCompositorPassTargetBarrier.h>

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Public Member Functions

 CompositorPassTargetBarrier (const CompositorPassTargetBarrierDef *definition, CompositorNode *parentNode, const size_t numPasses)
 ~CompositorPassTargetBarrier () override
void addPass (CompositorPass *pass)
void execute (const Camera *lodCamera) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::CompositorPass
 CompositorPass (const CompositorPassDef *definition, CompositorNode *parentNode)
virtual ~CompositorPass ()
ResourceTransitionArray_getResourceTransitionsNonConst ()
virtual void analyzeBarriers (const bool bClearBarriers=true)
 Bakes all of the memory barriers / resource transition that will be needed before executing a GPU command like rendering, copying/blit or compute. More...
Vector2 getActualDimensions () const
const CompositorPassDefgetDefinition () const
const CompositorNodegetParentNode () const
RenderPassDescriptorgetRenderPassDesc () const
const ResourceTransitionArraygetResourceTransitions () const
const CompositorTextureVecgetTextureDependencies () const
CompositorPassType getType () const
Real getViewportAspectRatio (size_t vpIdx)
virtual void notifyCleared ()
virtual void notifyDestroyed (const UavBufferPacked *buffer)
virtual void notifyDestroyed (TextureGpu *channel)
virtual bool notifyRecreated (const TextureGpu *channel)
virtual void notifyRecreated (const UavBufferPacked *oldBuffer, UavBufferPacked *newBuffer)
void profilingBegin ()
void profilingEnd ()
virtual void resetNumPassesLeft ()

Detailed Description

Matias N. Goldberg

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CompositorPassTargetBarrier()

Ogre::CompositorPassTargetBarrier::CompositorPassTargetBarrier ( const CompositorPassTargetBarrierDef definition,
CompositorNode parentNode,
const size_t  numPasses 

◆ ~CompositorPassTargetBarrier()

Ogre::CompositorPassTargetBarrier::~CompositorPassTargetBarrier ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addPass()

void Ogre::CompositorPassTargetBarrier::addPass ( CompositorPass pass)

◆ execute()

void Ogre::CompositorPassTargetBarrier::execute ( const Camera lodCamera)

Implements Ogre::CompositorPass.

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