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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::EGLSupport Class Referenceabstract

#include <OgreEGLSupport.h>

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Public Member Functions

 EGLSupport ()
virtual ~EGLSupport ()
void addConfig ()
 Add any special config values to the system. More...
EGLConfig * chooseGLConfig (const EGLint *attribList, EGLint *nElements)
::EGLContext createNewContext (EGLDisplay eglDisplay, ::EGLConfig glconfig, ::EGLContext shareList) const
RenderWindow * createWindow (bool autoCreateWindow, GLES2RenderSystem *renderSystem, const String &windowTitle)
EGLConfig * getConfigs (EGLint *nElements)
virtual String getDisplayName ()
EGLBoolean getGLConfigAttrib (EGLConfig fbConfig, EGLint attribute, EGLint *value)
::EGLConfig getGLConfigFromContext (::EGLContext context)
::EGLConfig getGLConfigFromDrawable (::EGLSurface drawable, unsigned int *w, unsigned int *h)
EGLDisplay getGLDisplay ()
void * getProcAddress (const char *procname) const
 Get the address of a function. More...
::EGLConfig selectGLConfig (const EGLint *minAttribs, const EGLint *maxAttribs)
void setConfigOption (const String &name, const String &value)
void setGLDisplay (EGLDisplay val)
void start ()
 Start anything special. More...
void stop ()
 Stop anything special. More...
void switchMode ()
virtual void switchMode (uint &width, uint &height, short &frequency)=0
String validateConfig ()
 Make sure all the extra options are valid. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::GLES2Support
 GLES2Support ()
virtual ~GLES2Support ()
virtual bool checkExtension (const String &ext) const
 Check if an extension is available. More...
virtual ConfigOptionMapgetConfigOptions ()
virtual unsigned int getDisplayMonitorCount () const
 Gets the number of display monitors. More...
const StringgetGLVendor () const
 Get vendor information. More...
const DriverVersiongetGLVersion () const
 Get version information. More...
const StringgetShaderCachePath () const
 Get shader cache path. More...
const StringgetShaderLibraryPath () const
 Get shader library path. More...
bool hasMinGLVersion (int major, int minor) const
 Check if GL Version is supported. More...
virtual void initialiseExtensions ()
 Initialises GL extensions, must be done AFTER the GL context has been established. More...
virtual RenderWindow * newWindow (const String &name, unsigned int width, unsigned int height, bool fullScreen, const NameValuePairList *miscParams=0)=0
 Creates a new rendering window. More...
void setShaderCachePath (String path)
 Set shader cache path. More...
void setShaderLibraryPath (String path)
 Set shader library path. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EGLSupport()

Ogre::EGLSupport::EGLSupport ( )

◆ ~EGLSupport()

virtual Ogre::EGLSupport::~EGLSupport ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ addConfig()

void Ogre::EGLSupport::addConfig ( )

Add any special config values to the system.

Must have a "Full Screen" value that is a bool and a "Video Mode" value that is a string in the form of wxh

Implements Ogre::GLES2Support.

◆ chooseGLConfig()

EGLConfig* Ogre::EGLSupport::chooseGLConfig ( const EGLint *  attribList,
EGLint *  nElements 

◆ createNewContext()

::EGLContext Ogre::EGLSupport::createNewContext ( EGLDisplay  eglDisplay,
::EGLConfig  glconfig,
::EGLContext  shareList 
) const

◆ createWindow()

RenderWindow* Ogre::EGLSupport::createWindow ( bool  autoCreateWindow,
GLES2RenderSystem renderSystem,
const String windowTitle 

Implements Ogre::GLES2Support.

◆ getConfigs()

EGLConfig* Ogre::EGLSupport::getConfigs ( EGLint *  nElements)

◆ getDisplayName()

virtual String Ogre::EGLSupport::getDisplayName ( )

Reimplemented in Ogre::X11EGLSupport.

◆ getGLConfigAttrib()

EGLBoolean Ogre::EGLSupport::getGLConfigAttrib ( EGLConfig  fbConfig,
EGLint  attribute,
EGLint *  value 

◆ getGLConfigFromContext()

::EGLConfig Ogre::EGLSupport::getGLConfigFromContext ( ::EGLContext  context)

◆ getGLConfigFromDrawable()

::EGLConfig Ogre::EGLSupport::getGLConfigFromDrawable ( ::EGLSurface  drawable,
unsigned int *  w,
unsigned int *  h 

◆ getGLDisplay()

EGLDisplay Ogre::EGLSupport::getGLDisplay ( )

◆ getProcAddress()

void* Ogre::EGLSupport::getProcAddress ( const char *  procname) const

Get the address of a function.

Implements Ogre::GLES2Support.

◆ selectGLConfig()

::EGLConfig Ogre::EGLSupport::selectGLConfig ( const EGLint *  minAttribs,
const EGLint *  maxAttribs 

◆ setConfigOption()

void Ogre::EGLSupport::setConfigOption ( const String name,
const String value 

Reimplemented from Ogre::GLES2Support.

◆ setGLDisplay()

void Ogre::EGLSupport::setGLDisplay ( EGLDisplay  val)

◆ start()

void Ogre::EGLSupport::start ( )

Start anything special.

Implements Ogre::GLES2Support.

◆ stop()

void Ogre::EGLSupport::stop ( )

Stop anything special.

Implements Ogre::GLES2Support.

◆ switchMode() [1/2]

void Ogre::EGLSupport::switchMode ( )

◆ switchMode() [2/2]

virtual void Ogre::EGLSupport::switchMode ( uint width,
uint height,
short &  frequency 
pure virtual

◆ validateConfig()

String Ogre::EGLSupport::validateConfig ( )

Make sure all the extra options are valid.

string with error message

Implements Ogre::GLES2Support.

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