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Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject Class Reference

Frame Buffer Object abstraction. More...

#include <OgreGLES2FrameBufferObject.h>

Public Member Functions

 GLES2FrameBufferObject (GLES2FBOManager *manager, uint fsaa)
 ~GLES2FrameBufferObject ()
void attachDepthBuffer (DepthBuffer *depthBuffer)
 This function acts very similar to. More...
void bind ()
 Bind FrameBufferObject. More...
void bindSurface (size_t attachment, const GLES2SurfaceDesc &target)
 Bind a surface to a certain attachment point. More...
void detachDepthBuffer ()
PixelFormat getFormat ()
GLsizei getFSAA ()
GLuint getGLFBOID () const
 Get the GL id for the FBO. More...
GLuint getGLMultisampleFBOID () const
 Get the GL id for the multisample FBO. More...
uint32 getHeight ()
GLES2FBOManagergetManager ()
const GLES2SurfaceDescgetSurface (size_t attachment)
uint32 getWidth ()
 Accessors. More...
void swapBuffers ()
 Swap buffers - only useful when using multisample buffers. More...
void unbindSurface (size_t attachment)
 Unbind attachment. More...

Detailed Description

Frame Buffer Object abstraction.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GLES2FrameBufferObject()

Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::GLES2FrameBufferObject ( GLES2FBOManager manager,
uint  fsaa 

◆ ~GLES2FrameBufferObject()

Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::~GLES2FrameBufferObject ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ attachDepthBuffer()

void Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::attachDepthBuffer ( DepthBuffer depthBuffer)

This function acts very similar to.

See also
GLES2FBORenderTexture::attachDepthBuffer The difference between D3D & OGL is that D3D setups the DepthBuffer before rendering, while OGL setups the DepthBuffer per FBO. So the DepthBuffer (RenderBuffer) needs to be attached for OGL.

◆ bind()

void Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::bind ( )

Bind FrameBufferObject.

◆ bindSurface()

void Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::bindSurface ( size_t  attachment,
const GLES2SurfaceDesc target 

Bind a surface to a certain attachment point.


◆ detachDepthBuffer()

void Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::detachDepthBuffer ( )

◆ getFormat()

PixelFormat Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::getFormat ( )

◆ getFSAA()

GLsizei Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::getFSAA ( )

◆ getGLFBOID()

GLuint Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::getGLFBOID ( ) const

Get the GL id for the FBO.

◆ getGLMultisampleFBOID()

GLuint Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::getGLMultisampleFBOID ( ) const

Get the GL id for the multisample FBO.

◆ getHeight()

uint32 Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::getHeight ( )

◆ getManager()

GLES2FBOManager* Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::getManager ( )

◆ getSurface()

const GLES2SurfaceDesc& Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::getSurface ( size_t  attachment)

◆ getWidth()

uint32 Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::getWidth ( )


◆ swapBuffers()

void Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::swapBuffers ( )

Swap buffers - only useful when using multisample buffers.

◆ unbindSurface()

void Ogre::GLES2FrameBufferObject::unbindSurface ( size_t  attachment)

Unbind attachment.

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