OGRE  1.10.12
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::RTShader::FFPRenderStateBuilder Class Reference

Fixed Function Pipeline render state builder. More...

#include <OgreShaderFFPRenderStateBuilder.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Ogre::RTShader::FFPRenderStateBuilder:

Public Member Functions

 FFPRenderStateBuilder ()
 ~FFPRenderStateBuilder ()
void buildRenderState (ShaderGenerator::SGPass *sgPass, TargetRenderState *renderState)
 Build render state from the given pass that emulates the fixed function pipeline behaviour. More...
void destroy ()
 Destroy the FFP builder instance. More...
bool initialize ()
 Initialize the FFP builder instance. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static FFPRenderStateBuildergetSingleton ()
 Override standard Singleton retrieval. More...
static FFPRenderStateBuildergetSingletonPtr ()
 Get the singleton instance. More...

Detailed Description

Fixed Function Pipeline render state builder.

This class builds RenderState from a given pass that represents the fixed function pipeline that the source pass describes.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FFPRenderStateBuilder()

Ogre::RTShader::FFPRenderStateBuilder::FFPRenderStateBuilder ( )

◆ ~FFPRenderStateBuilder()

Ogre::RTShader::FFPRenderStateBuilder::~FFPRenderStateBuilder ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getSingleton()

static FFPRenderStateBuilder& Ogre::RTShader::FFPRenderStateBuilder::getSingleton ( )

Override standard Singleton retrieval.

Why do we do this? Well, it's because the Singleton implementation is in a .h file, which means it gets compiled into anybody who includes it. This is needed for the Singleton template to work, but we actually only want it compiled into the implementation of the class based on the Singleton, not all of them. If we don't change this, we get link errors when trying to use the Singleton-based class from an outside dll.
This method just delegates to the template version anyway, but the implementation stays in this single compilation unit, preventing link errors.

◆ getSingletonPtr()

static FFPRenderStateBuilder* Ogre::RTShader::FFPRenderStateBuilder::getSingletonPtr ( )

Get the singleton instance.

◆ initialize()

bool Ogre::RTShader::FFPRenderStateBuilder::initialize ( )

Initialize the FFP builder instance.

Return true upon success.

◆ destroy()

void Ogre::RTShader::FFPRenderStateBuilder::destroy ( )

Destroy the FFP builder instance.

◆ buildRenderState()

void Ogre::RTShader::FFPRenderStateBuilder::buildRenderState ( ShaderGenerator::SGPass sgPass,
TargetRenderState renderState 

Build render state from the given pass that emulates the fixed function pipeline behaviour.

sgPassThe shader generator pass representation. Contains both source and destination pass.
renderStateThe target render state that will hold the given pass FFP representation.

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