OGRE  13.6
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::RTShader::FFPTransformFactory Class Reference

A factory that enables creation of FFPTransform instances. More...

#include <OgreShaderFFPTransform.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Ogre::RTShader::FFPTransformFactory:

Public Member Functions

SubRenderStatecreateInstance (ScriptCompiler *compiler, PropertyAbstractNode *prop, Pass *pass, SGScriptTranslator *translator) override
const StringgetType () const override
void writeInstance (MaterialSerializer *ser, SubRenderState *subRenderState, Pass *srcPass, Pass *dstPass) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::RTShader::SubRenderStateFactory
 SubRenderStateFactory ()
virtual ~SubRenderStateFactory ()
virtual SubRenderStatecreateInstance ()
 Create an instance of the SubRenderState sub class it suppose to create. More...
virtual SubRenderStatecreateInstance (ScriptCompiler *compiler, PropertyAbstractNode *prop, TextureUnitState *texState, SGScriptTranslator *translator)
 Create an instance of the SubRenderState based on script properties. More...
virtual SubRenderStatecreateOrRetrieveInstance (SGScriptTranslator *translator)
 Retrieve the previous instance the SRS in the script translator or create a new instance if not found. More...
virtual void destroyAllInstances ()
 Destroy all the instances that created by this factory. More...
virtual void destroyInstance (SubRenderState *subRenderState)
 Destroy the given instance. More...
virtual void writeInstance (MaterialSerializer *ser, SubRenderState *subRenderState, const TextureUnitState *srcTextureUnit, const TextureUnitState *dstTextureUnit)
 Write the given sub-render state instance using the material serializer. More...

Detailed Description

A factory that enables creation of FFPTransform instances.

Sub class of SubRenderStateFactory

Member Function Documentation

◆ getType()

const String& Ogre::RTShader::FFPTransformFactory::getType ( ) const

◆ createInstance()

SubRenderState* Ogre::RTShader::FFPTransformFactory::createInstance ( ScriptCompiler compiler,
PropertyAbstractNode prop,
Pass pass,
SGScriptTranslator translator 

◆ writeInstance()

void Ogre::RTShader::FFPTransformFactory::writeInstance ( MaterialSerializer ser,
SubRenderState subRenderState,
Pass srcPass,
Pass dstPass 

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