Caelum  0.6.3
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 NCaelumCaelum namespace
 CAccesorPropertyDescriptorValuePropertyDescriptor implementation based on function pointers to get/set methods
 CAstronomyStatic class with astronomy routines
 CBaseSkyLightBase class for sky lights (sun and moon)
 CBrightStarCatalogueEntryPOD for bright star catalogue entries
 CCaelumDefaultTypeDescriptorDataStandard type descriptors for caelum components
 CCaelumPluginImplement an Ogre::Plugin for Caelum
 CCaelumSystemThis is the "root class" of caelum
 CCameraBoundElementA camera-bound element
 CCloudSystemA cloud system is implemented by a number of cloud layers
 CDefaultPrivatePtrTraitsDefault traits for Caelum::PrivatePtr
 CDefaultTypeDescriptorDefault implementation of a TypeDescriptor
 CDepthComposerCompositor-based precipitation controller
 CDepthComposerInstancePer-viewport instance of
 CDepthRendererRender the depth buffer to a texture
 CFastGpuParamRefAn optimized reference to a gpu shared parameter
 CFlatCloudLayerA flat cloud layer; drawn as a simple plane
 CGroundFogExponential ground fog system implementation
 CImageStarfieldImage-based starfield class
 CInternalUtilitiesPrivate caelum utilities
 CMoonClass representing the moon
 CMovableObjectPrivatePtrTraitsPrivatePtr traits for a movable object
 CPointStarfieldPoint starfield class
 CStarStruct representing one star inside PointStarfield
 CPrecipitationControllerCompositor-based precipitation controller
 CPrecipitationInstancePer-viewport instance of precipitation
 CPrecipitationPresetParamsPreset parameters for a certain type of precipitation
 CPrivatePtrTemplate for smart pointers with strict unique ownership
 CPrivateResourcePtrTraitsPrivatePtr traits for uniquely-owned resources
 CSceneNodePrivatePtrTraitsPrivatePtr traits for a scene node
 CScopedHighPrecissionFloatSwitchDummy class to increase floting point precission in a block This class will raise precission in the ctor and restore it in the destructor
 CSkyDomeA sky dome element
 CSphereSunClass representing the sun as sphere with emissive color on it
 CSpriteSunClass representing the sun as billboard with texture on it
 CTypeDescriptorAbstract interface for a type descriptor
 CTypedValuePropertyDescriptorVariant of ValuePropertyDescriptor which allows faster typed get/set methods
 CUniversalClockThe system's time model
 CUnsupportedExceptionException class for unsupported features
 CValuePropertyDescriptorBasic property descriptor interface