OGRE  13.3
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::RTShader::TriplanarTexturing Class Reference

Triplanar Texturing. More...

#include <OgreShaderExTriplanarTexturing.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for Ogre::RTShader::TriplanarTexturing:

Public Member Functions

virtual void copyFrom (const SubRenderState &rhs)
virtual int getExecutionOrder () const
virtual const StringgetType () const
virtual bool preAddToRenderState (const RenderState *renderState, Pass *srcPass, Pass *dstPass)
virtual void setParameters (const Vector3 &parameters)
 Sets the parameters. More...
virtual void setTextureNames (const String &textureNameFromX, const String &textureNameFromY, const String &textureNameFromZ)
 Sets the texture names for the mapping. More...
virtual void updateGpuProgramsParams (Renderable *rend, const Pass *pass, const AutoParamDataSource *source, const LightList *pLightList)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::RTShader::SubRenderState
 SubRenderState ()
 Class default constructor. More...
virtual ~SubRenderState ()
 Class destructor. More...
virtual bool createCpuSubPrograms (ProgramSet *programSet)
 Create sub programs that represents this sub render state as part of a program set. More...
SubRenderStateAccessorPtr getAccessor ()
 Return the accessor object to this sub render state. More...
SubRenderStateAccessorPtr getAccessor () const
 Return the accessor object to this sub render state. More...
SubRenderStateoperator= (const SubRenderState &rhs)
 Operator = declaration. More...
virtual bool setParameter (const String &name, const String &value)
 generic set method for parameters that connot be derived in preAddToRenderState More...

Static Public Attributes

static String type
 The type. More...

Detailed Description

Triplanar Texturing.

Derives from SubRenderState class.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setParameters()

virtual void Ogre::RTShader::TriplanarTexturing::setParameters ( const Vector3 parameters)

Sets the parameters.

parametersParameters: Texturescale, Plateau-size (0 to 0.57, not bigger to avoid division by zero!), transition-speed.

◆ setTextureNames()

virtual void Ogre::RTShader::TriplanarTexturing::setTextureNames ( const String textureNameFromX,
const String textureNameFromY,
const String textureNameFromZ 

Sets the texture names for the mapping.

textureNameFromXThe texture mapping from x.
textureNameFromYThe texture mapping from y.
textureNameFromZThe texture mapping from z.

◆ getType()

virtual const String& Ogre::RTShader::TriplanarTexturing::getType ( ) const

◆ getExecutionOrder()

virtual int Ogre::RTShader::TriplanarTexturing::getExecutionOrder ( ) const

◆ preAddToRenderState()

virtual bool Ogre::RTShader::TriplanarTexturing::preAddToRenderState ( const RenderState renderState,
Pass srcPass,
Pass dstPass 

◆ copyFrom()

virtual void Ogre::RTShader::TriplanarTexturing::copyFrom ( const SubRenderState rhs)

◆ updateGpuProgramsParams()

virtual void Ogre::RTShader::TriplanarTexturing::updateGpuProgramsParams ( Renderable rend,
const Pass pass,
const AutoParamDataSource source,
const LightList pLightList 

Member Data Documentation

◆ type

String Ogre::RTShader::TriplanarTexturing::type

The type.

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