OGRE  1.12.5
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Optional Components
 BitesReusable utilities for rapid prototyping
 HLMSHigh-level Material-System
 MeshLodGeneratorGenerate Low-poly models from High-poly models automatically
 OverlayLayers which is rendered on top of the 'normal' scene contents
 PagingRender large modular structures
 PropertyAssociate values of arbitrary type with names
 RTShaderSystemReal Time Shader System: enables GPU program generation during the runtime of a process
 TerrainEditable Terrain System with LOD, serialization and Paging support
 VolumeVolume Rendering with LOD aimed at terrain
 BSPSceneManagerBinary Space Parition (BSP) based indoor level scene manager
 CgProgramManagerSpecialisation of HighLevelGpuProgram to provide support for nVidia's CG language
 EXRCodecCodec specialized in loading OpenEXR high dynamic range images
 OctreeSceneManagerOctree datastructure for managing scene nodes
 OctreeZoneOctree version of PCZone
 PCZSceneManagerSceneManager that uses Portal-Connected-Zones to divide the scene spatially
 ParticleFXParticle Effects (Emmiters, Affectors)
 STBIImageCodecCodec specialized in images loaded using stb image (https://github.com/nothings/stb)
 Direct3D11Implementation of DirectX11 as a rendering system
 Direct3D9Implementation of DirectX9 as a rendering system
 GLImplementation of GL as a rendering system
 GL3PlusImplementation of GL 3 as a rendering system
 GLES2Implementation of GL ES 2.x as a rendering system
 GLSupportOpenGL Context creation using GLX, WGL, EGL, Cocoa