OGRE  14.2
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine


 Codec for loading geometry using the Open-Asset-Importer
 Binary Space Parition (BSP) based indoor level scene manager.
 Specialisation of HighLevelGpuProgram to provide support for nVidia's CG language.
 Codec for loading and saving the SceneNode hierarchy in .scene files.
 Codec specialized in loading high dynamic range .exr images using OpenEXR.
 Codec for loading generic image formats (e.g.
 GLslang can be used to compile common, high-level GLSL/ HLSL code down to SPIRV assembler language for both GL and Vulkan.
 Octree datastructure for managing scene nodes.
 Octree version of PCZone.
 SceneManager that uses Portal-Connected-Zones to divide the scene spatially.
 Provides Emmiter and Affector implementations for ParticleSystem.
 Codec for loading generic image formats (e.g.
 Codec for loading generic image formats (e.g.

Detailed Description