OGRE  1.12.4
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine

Editable Terrain System with LOD, serialization and Paging support. More...


class  Ogre::Terrain
 The main containing class for a chunk of terrain. More...
class  Ogre::TerrainAutoUpdateLod
 Terrain automatic LOD loading. More...
class  Ogre::TerrainAutoUpdateLodByDistance
 Class implementing TerrainAutoUpdateLod interface. More...
class  Ogre::TerrainAutoUpdateLodFactory
class  Ogre::TerrainGlobalOptions
 Options class which just stores default options for the terrain. More...
class  Ogre::TerrainGroup
 Helper class to assist you in managing multiple terrain instances that are connected to each other. More...
class  Ogre::TerrainLayerBlendMap
 Class exposing an interface to a blend map for a given layer. More...
struct  Ogre::TerrainLayerDeclaration
 The definition of the information each layer will contain in this terrain. More...
struct  Ogre::TerrainLayerSampler
 Description of a sampler that will be used with each layer. More...
struct  Ogre::TerrainLayerSamplerElement
 Information about one element of a sampler / texture within a layer. More...
class  Ogre::TerrainLodManager
 Terrain LOD data manager. More...
class  Ogre::TerrainMaterialGenerator
 Class that provides functionality to generate materials for use with a terrain. More...
class  Ogre::TerrainMaterialGeneratorA
 A TerrainMaterialGenerator which can cope with normal mapped, specular mapped terrain. More...
class  Ogre::TerrainPagedWorldSection
 A world section which includes paged terrain. More...
class  Ogre::TerrainPaging
 This class is the 'core' class for paging terrain, that will integrate with the larger paging system and provide the appropriate utility classes required. More...
class  Ogre::TerrainQuadTreeNode
 A node in a quad tree used to store a patch of terrain. More...


typedef std::vector< TerrainLayerBlendMap * > Ogre::TerrainLayerBlendMapList
typedef std::vector< TerrainLayerSamplerElementOgre::TerrainLayerSamplerElementList
typedef std::vector< TerrainLayerSamplerOgre::TerrainLayerSamplerList
typedef SharedPtr< TerrainMaterialGeneratorOgre::TerrainMaterialGeneratorPtr


enum  Ogre::TechniqueType { Ogre::HIGH_LOD, Ogre::LOW_LOD, Ogre::RENDER_COMPOSITE_MAP }
enum  Ogre::TerrainAutoUpdateLodStrategy { Ogre::NONE = 0, Ogre::BY_DISTANCE = 1 }
enum  Ogre::TerrainLayerSamplerSemantic { Ogre::TLSS_ALBEDO = 0, Ogre::TLSS_NORMAL = 1, Ogre::TLSS_HEIGHT = 2, Ogre::TLSS_SPECULAR = 3 }
 Enumeration of types of data that can be read from textures that are specific to a given layer. More...

Detailed Description

Editable Terrain System with LOD, serialization and Paging support.

Some details on the terrain LOD manager.

Some details on the terrain component.

Some details on the terrain auto load.

Typedef Documentation

◆ TerrainLayerBlendMapList

◆ TerrainLayerSamplerElementList

◆ TerrainLayerSamplerList

◆ TerrainMaterialGeneratorPtr

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ TerrainAutoUpdateLodStrategy


◆ TerrainLayerSamplerSemantic

Enumeration of types of data that can be read from textures that are specific to a given layer.

Notice that global texture information such as shadows and terrain normals are not represented here because they are not a per-layer attribute, and blending is stored in packed texture structures which are stored separately.


Albedo colour (diffuse reflectance colour)


Tangent-space normal information from a detail texture.


Height information for the detail texture.


Specular reflectance.

◆ TechniqueType