OGRE  14.2
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::TerrainAutoUpdateLod Class Referenceabstract

Terrain automatic LOD loading. More...

#include <OgreTerrainAutoUpdateLod.h>

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~TerrainAutoUpdateLod ()
virtual void autoUpdateLod (Terrain *terrain, bool synchronous, const Any &data)=0
 Method to be called to change terrain's LOD level. More...
virtual uint32 getStrategyId ()=0

Detailed Description

Terrain automatic LOD loading.

This set of classes is used for automatic change of terrain LOD level. Base is TerrainAutoUpdateLod interface with just one public method autoUpdateLod. This method gets called by terrain whenever user thinks something has changed(typically in application's main loop) what could affect terrain's LOD level. It is designed in such a way so user can use whatever algorithm he likes to change terrain's LOD level. For example see TerrainAutoUpdateLod implementation TerrainAutoUpdateLodByDistance. It is also used as a null object for auto-LOD-updating.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~TerrainAutoUpdateLod()

virtual Ogre::TerrainAutoUpdateLod::~TerrainAutoUpdateLod ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ autoUpdateLod()

virtual void Ogre::TerrainAutoUpdateLod::autoUpdateLod ( Terrain terrain,
bool  synchronous,
const Any data 
pure virtual

Method to be called to change terrain's LOD level.

terrainInstance of Terrain which LOD level is going to be changed
synchronousRun this as part of main thread or in background
dataAny user specific data.

Implemented in Ogre::TerrainAutoUpdateLodByDistance.

◆ getStrategyId()

virtual uint32 Ogre::TerrainAutoUpdateLod::getStrategyId ( )
pure virtual

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