OGRE  13.3
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::ColourInterpolatorAffector Class Reference

#include <OgreColourInterpolatorAffector.h>

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class  CmdColourAdjust
 Command object for red adjust (see ParamCommand). More...
class  CmdTimeAdjust
 Command object for red adjust (see ParamCommand). More...

Public Types

enum  { MAX_STAGES = 6 }

Public Member Functions

 ColourInterpolatorAffector (ParticleSystem *psys)
 Default constructor. More...
void _affectParticles (ParticleSystem *pSystem, Real timeElapsed) override
 Method called to allow the affector to 'do it's stuff' on all active particles in the system. More...
ColourValue getColourAdjust (size_t index) const
Real getTimeAdjust (size_t index) const
void setColourAdjust (size_t index, ColourValue colour)
void setTimeAdjust (size_t index, Real time)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::ParticleAffector
 ParticleAffector (ParticleSystem *parent)
virtual ~ParticleAffector ()
 Virtual destructor essential. More...
virtual void _initParticle (Particle *pParticle)
 Method called to allow the affector to initialize all newly created particles in the system. More...
const StringgetType (void) const
 Returns the name of the type of affector. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::StringInterface
 StringInterface ()
virtual ~StringInterface ()
 Virtual destructor, see Effective C++. More...
void copyParametersTo (StringInterface *dest) const
 Method for copying this object's parameters to another object. More...
ParamDictionarygetParamDictionary (void)
 Retrieves the parameter dictionary for this class. More...
const ParamDictionarygetParamDictionary (void) const
String getParameter (const String &name) const
 Generic parameter retrieval method. More...
const ParameterListgetParameters (void) const
 Retrieves a list of parameters valid for this object. More...
bool setParameter (const String &name, const String &value)
 Generic parameter setting method. More...
void setParameterList (const NameValuePairList &paramList)
 Generic multiple parameter setting method. More...

Static Public Attributes

static CmdColourAdjust msColourCmd [MAX_STAGES]
static CmdTimeAdjust msTimeCmd [MAX_STAGES]

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::StringInterface
static void cleanupDictionary ()
 Cleans up the static 'msDictionary' required to reset Ogre, otherwise the containers are left with invalid pointers, which will lead to a crash as soon as one of the ResourceManager implementers (e.g. More...

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ anonymous enum

anonymous enum

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ColourInterpolatorAffector()

Ogre::ColourInterpolatorAffector::ColourInterpolatorAffector ( ParticleSystem psys)

Default constructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ _affectParticles()

void Ogre::ColourInterpolatorAffector::_affectParticles ( ParticleSystem pSystem,
Real  timeElapsed 

Method called to allow the affector to 'do it's stuff' on all active particles in the system.

This is where the affector gets the chance to apply it's effects to the particles of a system. The affector is expected to apply it's effect to some or all of the particles in the system passed to it, depending on the affector's approach.
pSystemPointer to a ParticleSystem to affect.
timeElapsedThe number of seconds which have elapsed since the last call.

Implements Ogre::ParticleAffector.

◆ setColourAdjust()

void Ogre::ColourInterpolatorAffector::setColourAdjust ( size_t  index,
ColourValue  colour 

◆ getColourAdjust()

ColourValue Ogre::ColourInterpolatorAffector::getColourAdjust ( size_t  index) const

◆ setTimeAdjust()

void Ogre::ColourInterpolatorAffector::setTimeAdjust ( size_t  index,
Real  time 

◆ getTimeAdjust()

Real Ogre::ColourInterpolatorAffector::getTimeAdjust ( size_t  index) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ msColourCmd

CmdColourAdjust Ogre::ColourInterpolatorAffector::msColourCmd[MAX_STAGES]

◆ msTimeCmd

CmdTimeAdjust Ogre::ColourInterpolatorAffector::msTimeCmd[MAX_STAGES]

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