OGRE  1.12.4
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::D3D9ResourceManager Class Reference

#include <OgreD3D9ResourceManager.h>

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Public Member Functions

 D3D9ResourceManager ()
 ~D3D9ResourceManager ()
bool getAutoHardwareBufferManagement () const
D3D9ResourceCreationPolicy getCreationPolicy () const
void lockDeviceAccess ()
void notifyOnDeviceCreate (IDirect3DDevice9 *d3d9Device)
void notifyOnDeviceDestroy (IDirect3DDevice9 *d3d9Device)
void notifyOnDeviceLost (IDirect3DDevice9 *d3d9Device)
void notifyOnDeviceReset (IDirect3DDevice9 *d3d9Device)
void setAutoHardwareBufferManagement (bool autoManagement)
 Set/Get automatic hardware buffers management. More...
void setCreationPolicy (D3D9ResourceCreationPolicy creationPolicy)
void unlockDeviceAccess ()


class D3D9Resource

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ D3D9ResourceManager()

Ogre::D3D9ResourceManager::D3D9ResourceManager ( )

◆ ~D3D9ResourceManager()

Ogre::D3D9ResourceManager::~D3D9ResourceManager ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ notifyOnDeviceCreate()

void Ogre::D3D9ResourceManager::notifyOnDeviceCreate ( IDirect3DDevice9 *  d3d9Device)

◆ notifyOnDeviceDestroy()

void Ogre::D3D9ResourceManager::notifyOnDeviceDestroy ( IDirect3DDevice9 *  d3d9Device)

◆ notifyOnDeviceLost()

void Ogre::D3D9ResourceManager::notifyOnDeviceLost ( IDirect3DDevice9 *  d3d9Device)

◆ notifyOnDeviceReset()

void Ogre::D3D9ResourceManager::notifyOnDeviceReset ( IDirect3DDevice9 *  d3d9Device)

◆ lockDeviceAccess()

void Ogre::D3D9ResourceManager::lockDeviceAccess ( )

◆ unlockDeviceAccess()

void Ogre::D3D9ResourceManager::unlockDeviceAccess ( )

◆ setCreationPolicy()

void Ogre::D3D9ResourceManager::setCreationPolicy ( D3D9ResourceCreationPolicy  creationPolicy)

◆ getCreationPolicy()

D3D9ResourceCreationPolicy Ogre::D3D9ResourceManager::getCreationPolicy ( ) const

◆ setAutoHardwareBufferManagement()

void Ogre::D3D9ResourceManager::setAutoHardwareBufferManagement ( bool  autoManagement)

Set/Get automatic hardware buffers management.

This has affect only when multiple devices involved during the runtime. When enabled, an explicit system memory backup is created for buffers with no read caps - so in case of device swaps the content of the buffers can be restored from this copy. The default is false in order to reduce system memory consumption.

◆ getAutoHardwareBufferManagement()

bool Ogre::D3D9ResourceManager::getAutoHardwareBufferManagement ( ) const

Friends And Related Function Documentation

◆ D3D9Resource

friend class D3D9Resource

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