OGRE  13.5
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::LodCollapseCostCurvature Class Reference

#include <OgreLodCollapseCostCurvature.h>

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Public Member Functions

Real computeEdgeCollapseCost (LodData *data, LodData::Vertex *src, LodData::Edge *dstEdge) override
 Returns the collapse cost of the given edge. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ogre::LodCollapseCost
virtual ~LodCollapseCost ()
virtual void computeVertexCollapseCost (LodData *data, LodData::Vertex *vertex, Real &collapseCost, LodData::Vertex *&collapseTo)
 Called by initVertexCollapseCost and updateVertexCollapseCost, when the vertex minimal cost needs to be updated. More...
virtual void initCollapseCosts (LodData *data)
 This is called after the LodInputProvider has initialized LodData. More...
virtual void initVertexCollapseCost (LodData *data, LodData::Vertex *vertex)
 Called from initCollapseCosts for every edge. More...
virtual void updateVertexCollapseCost (LodData *data, LodData::Vertex *vertex)
 Called when edge cost gets invalid. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ computeEdgeCollapseCost()

Real Ogre::LodCollapseCostCurvature::computeEdgeCollapseCost ( LodData data,
LodData::Vertex src,
LodData::Edge dstEdge 

Returns the collapse cost of the given edge.

Implements Ogre::LodCollapseCost.

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