OGRE  13.4
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
Ogre::Segment Class Reference

3D Line Segment class for intersection testing in Ogre3D More...

#include <OgreSegment.h>

Public Member Functions

 Segment ()
 Segment (const Vector3 &, const Vector3 &, Real)
Real distance (const Segment &otherSegment) const
bool intersects (const Capsule &) const
void set (const Vector3 &newOrigin, const Vector3 &newEnd)
void setEndPoint (const Vector3 &newEndpoint)
void setOrigin (const Vector3 &newOrigin)
Real squaredDistance (const Segment &otherSegment) const

Public Attributes

Vector3 mDirection
Real mExtent
Vector3 mOrigin

Detailed Description

3D Line Segment class for intersection testing in Ogre3D

Some algorithms based off code from the Wild Magic library by Dave Eberly

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Segment() [1/2]

Ogre::Segment::Segment ( )

◆ Segment() [2/2]

Ogre::Segment::Segment ( const Vector3 ,
const Vector3 ,

Member Function Documentation

◆ set()

void Ogre::Segment::set ( const Vector3 newOrigin,
const Vector3 newEnd 

◆ setOrigin()

void Ogre::Segment::setOrigin ( const Vector3 newOrigin)

◆ setEndPoint()

void Ogre::Segment::setEndPoint ( const Vector3 newEndpoint)

◆ distance()

Real Ogre::Segment::distance ( const Segment otherSegment) const

◆ squaredDistance()

Real Ogre::Segment::squaredDistance ( const Segment otherSegment) const

◆ intersects()

bool Ogre::Segment::intersects ( const Capsule ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ mOrigin

Vector3 Ogre::Segment::mOrigin

◆ mDirection

Vector3 Ogre::Segment::mDirection

◆ mExtent

Real Ogre::Segment::mExtent

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