OGRE  14.2
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
OgreBites::AdvancedRenderControls Class Reference

#include <OgreAdvancedRenderControls.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for OgreBites::AdvancedRenderControls:

Public Member Functions

 AdvancedRenderControls (TrayManager *trayMgr, Ogre::Camera *cam)
 ~AdvancedRenderControls ()
void frameRendered (const Ogre::FrameEvent &evt) override
bool keyPressed (const KeyboardEvent &evt) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from OgreBites::InputListener
virtual ~InputListener ()
virtual bool axisMoved (const AxisEvent &evt)
virtual bool buttonPressed (const ButtonEvent &evt)
virtual bool buttonReleased (const ButtonEvent &evt)
virtual bool keyReleased (const KeyboardEvent &evt)
virtual bool mouseMoved (const MouseMotionEvent &evt)
virtual bool mousePressed (const MouseButtonEvent &evt)
virtual bool mouseReleased (const MouseButtonEvent &evt)
virtual bool mouseWheelRolled (const MouseWheelEvent &evt)
virtual bool textInput (const TextInputEvent &evt)
virtual bool touchMoved (const TouchFingerEvent &evt)
virtual bool touchPressed (const TouchFingerEvent &evt)
virtual bool touchReleased (const TouchFingerEvent &evt)

Detailed Description

  • F: Toggle frame rate stats on/off
  • G: Toggle advanced frame stats on/off
  • P Toggle profiler window on/ off
  • R: Render mode
    • Wireframe
    • Points
    • Solid
  • T: Cycle texture filtering
    • Bilinear
    • Trilinear
    • Anisotropic(8)
    • None
  • F2: RTSS: Set the main viewport material scheme to default material manager scheme.
  • F3: RTSS: Toggle default shader generator lighting model from per vertex to per pixel.
  • F4: RTSS: Switch vertex shader outputs compaction policy.
  • F5: Reload all textures
  • F6: Take a screenshot

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AdvancedRenderControls()

OgreBites::AdvancedRenderControls::AdvancedRenderControls ( TrayManager trayMgr,
Ogre::Camera cam 

◆ ~AdvancedRenderControls()

OgreBites::AdvancedRenderControls::~AdvancedRenderControls ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ keyPressed()

bool OgreBites::AdvancedRenderControls::keyPressed ( const KeyboardEvent evt)

Reimplemented from OgreBites::InputListener.

◆ frameRendered()

void OgreBites::AdvancedRenderControls::frameRendered ( const Ogre::FrameEvent evt)

Reimplemented from OgreBites::InputListener.

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