OGRE  14.2
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
OgreBites::ParamsPanel Class Reference

Basic parameters panel widget. More...

#include <OgreTrays.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for OgreBites::ParamsPanel:

Public Member Functions

 ParamsPanel (const Ogre::String &name, Ogre::Real width, unsigned int lines)
 Do not instantiate any widgets directly. Use TrayManager. More...
const Ogre::StringVectorgetAllParamNames ()
const Ogre::StringVectorgetAllParamValues ()
Ogre::DisplayString getParamValue (const Ogre::DisplayString &paramName)
Ogre::DisplayString getParamValue (unsigned int index)
void setAllParamNames (const Ogre::StringVector &paramNames)
void setAllParamValues (const Ogre::StringVector &paramValues)
void setParamValue (const Ogre::DisplayString &paramName, const Ogre::DisplayString &paramValue)
void setParamValue (unsigned int index, const Ogre::DisplayString &paramValue)
- Public Member Functions inherited from OgreBites::Widget
 Widget ()
virtual ~Widget ()
void _assignListener (TrayListener *listener)
void _assignToTray (TrayLocation trayLoc)
virtual void _cursorMoved (const Ogre::Vector2 &cursorPos, float wheelDelta)
virtual void _cursorPressed (const Ogre::Vector2 &cursorPos)
virtual void _cursorReleased (const Ogre::Vector2 &cursorPos)
virtual void _focusLost ()
void cleanup ()
const Ogre::StringgetName ()
Ogre::OverlayElementgetOverlayElement ()
TrayLocation getTrayLocation ()
void hide ()
bool isVisible ()
void show ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from OgreBites::Widget
static Ogre::Vector2 cursorOffset (Ogre::OverlayElement *element, const Ogre::Vector2 &cursorPos)
 Static utility method used to get the cursor's offset from the center of an overlay element in pixels. More...
static void fitCaptionToArea (const Ogre::DisplayString &caption, Ogre::TextAreaOverlayElement *area, Ogre::Real maxWidth)
 Static utility method to cut off a string to fit in a text area. More...
static Ogre::Real getCaptionWidth (const Ogre::DisplayString &caption, Ogre::TextAreaOverlayElement *area)
 Static utility method used to get the width of a caption in a text area. More...
static bool isCursorOver (Ogre::OverlayElement *element, const Ogre::Vector2 &cursorPos, Ogre::Real voidBorder=0)
 Static utility method to check if the cursor is over an overlay element. More...
static void nukeOverlayElement (Ogre::OverlayElement *element)
 Static utility method to recursively delete an overlay element plus all of its children from the system. More...

Detailed Description

Basic parameters panel widget.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ParamsPanel()

OgreBites::ParamsPanel::ParamsPanel ( const Ogre::String name,
Ogre::Real  width,
unsigned int  lines 

Do not instantiate any widgets directly. Use TrayManager.

Member Function Documentation

◆ setAllParamNames()

void OgreBites::ParamsPanel::setAllParamNames ( const Ogre::StringVector paramNames)

◆ getAllParamNames()

const Ogre::StringVector& OgreBites::ParamsPanel::getAllParamNames ( )

◆ setAllParamValues()

void OgreBites::ParamsPanel::setAllParamValues ( const Ogre::StringVector paramValues)

◆ setParamValue() [1/2]

void OgreBites::ParamsPanel::setParamValue ( const Ogre::DisplayString paramName,
const Ogre::DisplayString paramValue 

◆ setParamValue() [2/2]

void OgreBites::ParamsPanel::setParamValue ( unsigned int  index,
const Ogre::DisplayString paramValue 

◆ getParamValue() [1/2]

Ogre::DisplayString OgreBites::ParamsPanel::getParamValue ( const Ogre::DisplayString paramName)

◆ getParamValue() [2/2]

Ogre::DisplayString OgreBites::ParamsPanel::getParamValue ( unsigned int  index)

◆ getAllParamValues()

const Ogre::StringVector& OgreBites::ParamsPanel::getAllParamValues ( )

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