OGRE  14.1
Object-Oriented Graphics Rendering Engine
OgreBites::WindowEventUtilities Class Reference

Utility class to handle Window Messages. More...

#include <OgreWindowEventUtilities.h>

Static Public Member Functions

static void _addRenderWindow (Ogre::RenderWindow *window)
 Call upon creation of Ogre windows. More...
static void _removeRenderWindow (Ogre::RenderWindow *window)
static void addWindowEventListener (Ogre::RenderWindow *window, WindowEventListener *listener)
static void messagePump ()
 Call this once per frame. More...
static void removeWindowEventListener (Ogre::RenderWindow *window, WindowEventListener *listener)

Detailed Description

Utility class to handle Window Messages.

This only provides a minimal implementation for moving/ resizing windows.

For input handling and proper platform integration rather use SDL2/ Qt/ whatever.
See also

Member Function Documentation

◆ messagePump()

static void OgreBites::WindowEventUtilities::messagePump ( )

Call this once per frame.

This will update all registered RenderWindows.

◆ addWindowEventListener()

static void OgreBites::WindowEventUtilities::addWindowEventListener ( Ogre::RenderWindow window,
WindowEventListener listener 
Add a listener to listen to renderwindow events (multiple listener's per renderwindow is fine)
The same listener can listen to multiple windows, as the Window Pointer is sent along with
any messages.
windowThe RenderWindow you are interested in monitoring
listenerYour callback listener

◆ removeWindowEventListener()

static void OgreBites::WindowEventUtilities::removeWindowEventListener ( Ogre::RenderWindow window,
WindowEventListener listener 
Remove previously added listener
windowThe RenderWindow you registered with
listenerThe listener registered

◆ _addRenderWindow()

static void OgreBites::WindowEventUtilities::_addRenderWindow ( Ogre::RenderWindow window)

Call upon creation of Ogre windows.

You are free to add your external windows here too if needed.

windowThe RenderWindow to monitor

◆ _removeRenderWindow()

static void OgreBites::WindowEventUtilities::_removeRenderWindow ( Ogre::RenderWindow window)
Called upon deletion of previously registered windows.
windowThe RenderWindow to remove from list

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